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southern ontario (and ottawa)

"If you're from Thunder Bay, anything below North Bay is considered Southern Ontario." -k.
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Population: 11,000
Event: Beimers Family Reunion
Photos Taken: 0
Beimers Present: 54
Beimers Absent: 21
% of Beimers/Pop: 0.68%

Claim to Fame: K's Dad lived in every house.

St. Catharines:
Population: 130,000
Family Visited: 6
Claim to Fame: Donut Capital of the World

Potential B&B for Sale in Port Dalhousie. Historic bldg, beautiful property, minutes from marina. A steal!
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Population: 2.3 Million
Friends Visited: 6
Friends Missed: At least 3

Claim to Fame: Often Mistaken as the Capital of Canada.

Population: 785,000
Family Visited: 11.5

Claim to Fame: The Capital of Canada. Really.

Contents of Mystery CD found on the side of the road during a jog in Strathroy:

1. No More VIPs
2. A DJ Saved my Life
3. All for You (Janet J.)
4. Crazy Crazy Crazy
5. Some "Who the Hell are You?" song
6. South Side (Moby)
7. Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Where My Dogz At
8. Unidentified House
9. Sorry Miss Jackson
10. It Wasn't Me (Shaggy)
11. Ice Cube and DMX
12. Stutter
13. Big Pimpin' (JayZ)
14. Got a hunned dollah bill put yo handz up

A Place to Stand, a Place to Grow
Aug 18 - Beimers to the left of me, Beimers to the right. Everywhere you look, you see a Beimers. It felt like that in Holland last summer and it certainly felt like that this past week in Southern Ontario. The only difference was less yogurt and more beer.

We probably should have taken a more appropriate Beimers Family reunion headline photo, had we thought to take the camera out of the car. Instead, please enjoy this picture of a very tall apple.

Fetch me the Holy Hand Grenade.
You would not believe the treasure trove of roadside attractions on the 401. We were kind of disappointed that we didn't have more time to waste. It's almost as exciting as driving through Jersey (no joke). It would have been great to stop at them all, but we were in a hurry to get to Ottawa and so we were only able to stop at The Big Apple. We bought a raspberry pie (ha, just kidding, it was apple), ate half of it with the only utensil within reach in the Jeep (a big wooden spoon), and carried on our way, unharmed by the vicious bunnies.

So where was I? Ah yes. A family reunion in Goderich (an hour outside of Strathroy), followed by a few nights with K's aunt and cousin in St. Catharines, two nights in Toronto with some of our old friends from school, a quick stop at the Big Apple, then Ottawa. A busy week.

Super Fun Contest!
We spotted this gentleman and his tasty dish at the Greek Festival. What is he eating? Take a guess!
And it's not over! We hit the Greek Festival for lunch this afternoon... mmmm... Souvlaki... The Greeks tried to send us to the Lebanese Festival down the street (we're not sure why they seemed eager for us to leave), but we'd had enough festival fun for the day. It was time to get back to video games and pond-making at Danny and May's.

On Sunday, we began a trip up the Rideau Canal with Annie, Fraser and family, and promptly turned around again when the afternoon downpour began. Of course, by the time we got back to the dock, the rain had stopped.

Now that we're about to leave Ottawa, we've realized that we're leaving the last safe place. From here on out it's the great outdoors and beans from a can. It's time to see if we really can rough it the way we hope we can. If not, we'll be knocking on your door sooner than you might think. Please let us in.

on the balcony...

Danny Loves Greek Food

Gimme a G

Keagan and his SuperSuit

Ride up the Rideau
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We've got mail...

Don't know what a persian is, but I do know that "flavour" should be spelled "flavor".
- Michael, New York NY

Oh my gosh, are those eyes? and teeth? is that a sheep's head? the head has kind of a shocked look on it's face...
- Karen, New York NY

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Top 5 Silliest Attractions
Buttwick's U-Pick Berry Farm
Hell Holes Nature Trail
Balls Falls
Reids Family Fun Dairy
The Giant $2 Coin

Persian Problems
Late-breaking news from New Orleans: Former Thunder Bay resident Cindy G. is saying that the icing on a Persian is actually made of strawberries, not raspberries as previously reported. As Persians are only made in Thunder Bay, we're asking the assistance of those within the vicinity of a Persian Man to aid us in our goal to provide the world with accurate reporting.
What is the correct flavour?

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