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montreal, quebec

"I got your Tripmaker Deluxe right here." -a.
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About Montreal:
Population: Over 3 million
Price of Tim's Coffee: $1.45
Regular Gas: 74.9c/L
Language on Pay-at-Pump Gas Stations: French

Hockey Team: Canadians
Baseball Team: Expos
Football Team: Alouettes
Claim to Fame: Largest city in Canada. Site of Expo '67: reported to be one of the best World Expos - EVER.
Wowie Zowie!

Look at all those zeroes!
Top 5 Things Taking Up Too Much Space in Mel:
1. Clothing
2. Water Jug
3. Books We've Read
4. Second Tent
5. Kevin
Sunny MP3s that Chased Away the Clouds:
1. It's a Beautiful Day (Queen)
2. If I Could Change the World (Eric Clapton)
3. Celebration (KC & Sunshine Band)
4. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)
5. The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (Timbuk3)
6. Good Day SUnshine (Beatles)
7. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder)
8. East of the Sun (Diana Krall)
9. Here Comes The Sun (Beatles)
10. Summer (Moby)
11. Brand New Day (Sting)
12. Sunny Days (Sesame Street)
13. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
14. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Elton John)
15. My Girl (Sunshine on a Cloudy Day) (Temptations)
16. Sunshine Day (THe Brady Bunch)

Another Fruitful Day
Aug 20 - The difference between Ontario and Quebec is like apples to oranges. We ran into this beauty as we headed into Montreal this afternoon.

Danny (Aim's big bro) had shown us photos of a beautiful topiary exhibit in Montreal. We originally thought that we would bypass Montreal to head straight to Quebec, but after seeing the pictures we decided to make a quick stop. The stop turned into about 3 hours of trying to find the exhibit. It had became apparent that the city of Montreal was working against us, hiding the topiaries from strangers. Luckily, we made friends with a nice parking attendent lady and she pointed us in the right direction. It was all we had hoped for, except for the $10 entry fee. We decided that we didn't really need to go inside when we had a perfectly good view from across the port. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry; we're trying to zoom in for you.

Dialogue at French Drive-Thru Tim's
Cashier: Bonjour, [something in French, presumably "can I help you"]?
Kevin: Uh, une grand cafe, um, triple triple?
Cashier: Oui?
Kevin: et... un... grand coca? (coca is french for cola, and I wanted a medium but didn't know how to say it)
Cashier: (in English) Anything else?
Kevin: oh... and a chocolate donut.

Received: Large coffee, donut, and large Mocha.
Today's French Lesson: Camping in french is "Camping". We just stopped at a gas station to inquire about campgrounds and the cashier was so confused by what we were asking that we brought others into the conversation to find out how to say "camping" in French. Turns out it's "cam-PING". Well, excusez-nous.

In case you haven't heard yet, we now have two tents. We realized that Kevin didn't really fit into our backpacker's tent and now we're equipped with a 7'10" tent that should be fine. However, being as thrifty as we are, we're still going to give the small tent another shot tonight with the hopes of it being ok so that we can return the larger one. Stay tuned to find out.

mary, mary, topiary...

A Topiary

Another Topiary

A Third Topiary

Topiary is fun to say!
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We've got mail...

Rats! The giant orange is just minutes away from my house. If I had have known you'd be in the neighbourhood it would have been cool to see you. If you're ever through Montreal again, drop a line...
- Liz, Montreal PQ

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Montreal, Quebec

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Today's Weather:
Cloudy Then Sunny Then Cloudy Again

Daily Stats
$ on Gas:$35.00
$ on Parking:$2.25
K's Shirt:Krispy Kreme

Sleeping Quarters
Le Plage de Lac St. Joseph

About 25km off the highway, but who's complaining? The facilities were great, the lake was warm, the weather was horrible. Kev slept through a thunder storm (the tent stayed somewhat dry on the inside) until Aim woke him up to chase away a skunk.
Cost: $27.00

Annie and Fraser's House
Dunrobin, Ontario
Contents:Two Eggs Over-easy, Two Slices of Toast, 1/2 an English Muffin (w/marg)
Vieux Port
Downtown Montreal
Contents:Cold Leftover Rooster Deluxe Spaghetti from Yesterday
Near Quebec City
Contents:Cold Leftover Chicken Tetrazinni from Yesterday

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