6 weeks to go!
the preparation begins...
"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere."
-F. Sinatra
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Roadtrip Checklist:
(got it.   need it. )
Survival Gear
sleeping bags
sleeping pads
squirt bottle
car safety kit
first aid kit
Girl Scout canteen
extra gallon of gas

Food & Kitchen
fajita pan
cast iron pans
bbq tools
chili flakes
ice tea mix
picnic blanket
Girl Scout mess kit
can opener *

Luxury Items
tennis racquets (2)
rollerblades (4)
frisbee (1)
nail clippers
Aim's journal
Aim's medication
Kev's harmonica

road atlas
Lucky Charms road trip decision maker
* K learned the importance of a can opener on an earlier camping trip to Duluth, MN. We all brought soup, but none thought to bring the opener. So we used an axe. Lost a good 1/4 can of soup each, but the rest was magical because of the effort it took to acquire it.

Apartment Repair Ingenuity Award
Recipient: Kevin

For fixing the lattice above the kitchen archway with a digital piano sustain pedal and frozen boneless chicken.

Top 5 things Aimee will miss about NYC:
1. New Friends
2. Central Park
3. Our Neighbourhood
4. Morning Coffee Carts
5. Grimy yet cozy feeling

Top 5 things Kevin will miss about NYC:
1. Dallas BBQ
2. Alonzo's Rigatoni w/ Spicy Bay Scallops
3. Jimbo's Wings
4. Yips General Tso's Chicken
5. Romano's Pizza

And We're Off!
July 5 - After three years of yellow cabs, Starbucks and "HayaDoin," we're heading back up to the Great Green North to pickup trucks, Robin's Donuts and "Oh ya, eh?". But not to stay! Oh no, friends, New York has not beaten us back to our homeland to cower in our igloo. Consider New York to be merely a three year rest area on the highway of life (and you know what therapists have to say about rest areas.)

So here it is... Today the United States, tomorow, THE WORLD! Our goals are simple: keep in touch with friends and family, document our travels for ourselves and others, and provide a "last known location" in the event that we mysteriously get sucked into some bizarre vortex (like Arkansas).

Ah, wireless. There's no better way to ruin a day in the park.
World Domination: Phase 1
In about 6 weeks, we'll be entering the United States from the northeastest point we can: Maine. From there, we plan on visiting every tourist trap, every backwater town, and every local swimmin' hole there is to see in the continental 48 states. Even (yeech) Dollywood.

We'll be updating this page every so often in the next few weeks while we're in Canada, but the day we hit Maine, you'll be getting the Page-A-Day Play-By-PlayTM It's from this site that you'll be able to see our current location (give or take a day), our future destinations and what's going on in our lives that we feel is either important enough or inconsequential enough to put on this site. Lovers of useless geographical trivia, welcome to your new home page.

Paved with good intentions.
First Day on the Road
We woke up at around seven o'clock after talking with Joey and Susan in Apt. 17 until 2am... let's just say one of us was a ball of energy in the morning and the other was not. But after a couple of hours on the road, we balanced out and were blasting our music (Kev's Car Mix: plenty of Tom Cochrane, Billy Ocean and Huey Lewis and the News) all the way to the Canadian border. It was nice to deal with friendly immigration officers for a change. We think they were happy to see us coming back.

After a few days here with May and Danny (Aimee's big bro), we'll be heading up to the motherland. And unlike Kevin's brother's last visit, our arrival will not be punctuated by, "FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS RETURNED TO THUNDER BAY!" We'll probably just use the phone to let you know we made it safely.

at the boat basin...

10 Friends and a Bitchy Waitress

Uncle Gary's Fawaffle House

Jason, Jeff and Karen

Best BBQ in NYC

movin' on out...

The Missing Piece of Desk

The Essentials

K Displays his Trunk Packing Abilities

Still Life with Air Conditioner
more photos in the archive...

Thunder Bay, ON

see the full map...

Avg. July Weather, NYC:
Hot and Soupy
Avg. July Weather, TBay:

The Course
Total Distance:2153km
Time in Car:23.5 hrs
Number of Denny's within 2mi of route:0

The Vessel
Make:Jeep Cherokee
Doors, Tires:4
Quirks:  - Squeaky RF Brake
- Missing fancy strip on driver door
- Starts to shake over 120km/h (but responds well to "C'mon Jeep!")
- Monkeys ate rear wiper

Day One: Report
First Food:8:06am
Dunkin Donuts
Coffee & Omwich
First Gas:Dalton, PA
Cost of Fill-up:$18.49*
*and 9/10 of a cent

Lunch:Thee Diner
Pie Ordered:Raspberry
Pie Received:Cherry

Time at Border:15-20 min
Nice Canadian
Border Guards:
Immigration Problems:0

Distance Day 1:698.8km
End Point:Nepean, ON

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