on the tenth
day of christmas...

"I thought you used white wine to get a
red wine stain out of a carpet." -k.
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December 31, 2001:
Top ten signs the people at your New Years Eve party are too young...

#10: The question "Where are you from?" is replaced with "What school do you go to?"
#9: The CD changer contains tunes from Buffy and Dawson's Creek.
#8: Whenever the doorbell rings, the girls squeal in unison.
#7: Most people are dropped of by their parents.
#6: People are judged by their high school and choice of hairdo.
#5: At some point you use the phrase, "You'll understand when you get older."
#4: A melodramatic event occurs that causes the girls to cluster upstairs and talk in hushed tones.
#3: The boys arrive and leave together in an effort to appear cool.
#2: You make a "Who's the Boss" joke and nobody gets it.
#1: There are more brands of hard liquor on the counter than there are people at the party.

January 1, 2002:
After a quiet midnight, we arrived at Mike and Jena's place for some post Dick Clark chitchat. We played the required hour of Mario Kart (see the sixth day), and followed it up with Big Brother, the board game.

It's one of those games with questions like "Who in this room is most likely to..." Everyone in the room had been friends for well over 10 years, and I'll tell ya, I don't think a minute went by that we weren't laughing our frickin' fracks off. It probably helped that everyone was half drunk and giggly.

All in all, a great way to end the year.

Happy New Year from Aimee, Kevin and Mel!

On the tenth day of Christmas, jump up and down with glee...

Ten seconds 'til midnight...

nine hours of TV,
eight errands to run,
seven bags of chips,
six rounds of Kart...
Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

partying like it's 1999...

Colin puts the "ass" in Class



Evil is afoot

the morning after...

Sleepy Scott

Sleepy Cayden

Sexy Dallyn

Lethargic Kev
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Today's Weather:
Kindy Icy, Nasty weather for driving drunk

Liquid Stats
Crown Royal Shots:3
Sourpuss Shots:2
Champagne:A Sip
Party Foods:Too much

Sleeping Quarters

I dropped off Aimee at about 2am, then headed back to Mike and Jena's. We stayed up until 5:30, at which point sleep would have been a waste of time, so I went to Dean's and played Diablo until the sun came up. And I kept playing until it went back down.

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