kevin & aimee
roadtrippers extraordinaire

Mission Statement:
"What else were you going to do today?"
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kevin beimers
a.k.a. the driver

If you had to describe Kevin in a word, that word probably wouldn't be "jackass". Again, probably.

This trip has been a dream of Kevin's since April. He describes the experience as "one surprise after another", though most of the surprises stem from the fact that Aimee can still stand him after this much time in an enclosed space. A smelly enclosed space, even. With little leg room.

He's easy-going, spontaneous, vastly disorganized, and always pays his parking tickets, unlike his parents. He's a pretty good driver, hates the post office, enjoys a good pancake now and then, and would rather speak to you in person than over the phone. He hates the phone.

And most importantly, he always appreciates someone who understands the difference between "growing a beard" and "not shaving".
aimee lingman
a.k.a. the navigator

Aimee is pretty close to the French word for "like". The verb form, as in "I like Aimee", not the other way as in "Aimee is like a sardine".

When she's not telling Kevin where to go, literally and figuratively, you can usually find her reading a cheap thriller novel, checking up on their stock, flipping through a National Geographic or eating a big bowl of rice.

For some reason, Aimee tends to laugh at all of Kevin's jokes. Even the really dumb ones. She's nice that way. Kevin usually describes Aimee as his muse, but she thinks that's because he occasionally finds her amusing.

and don't forget mel
a.k.a. the jeep

Mel kicks ass. That's all you really have to say about him.

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