day 108
san antonio, texas

"You're just gonna wait till I go inside and you're gonna run off
on your little scooter without paying." - Waiter, to elderly woman.
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Texas Revolution:
Place: The Alamo
Year: 1836
Length: 13 Days
Bad Guys*: Mexicans
Good Guys*: Texans

*Reverse these depending on which country's history book you're reading.

Claim to Fame: The Alamo symbolizes a heroic struggle against overwhelming odds. They take this seriously. "Remember the Alamo" is synonymous with "Don't Mess with Texas".

Honky Tonk Frog of the Day
We Found Him!
Holy Frickin' Frack! Remember back on Day 8 (which was exactly 100 days ago) at the Guilford Fair? This little guy was the coveted raffle prize of the day! That's a long way from Texas!
25,000 Baby!
We just cranked out our 25,000th kilometer since entering Maine!


Don't believe us?
Add it up yourself!

The Alamo: More Than Just The Urinal Of The Stars
Dec 12 - First of all: Colin, that picture's just for you.

Before I came to the Alamo, I'm embarrassed to say that I really only knew two things about it:
1. Ozzy Ozbourne once urinated on it, and was arrested as a result.
2. Pee Wee Herman was told by a fortune teller that his bike was in the basement.

While these facts are interesting, they don't tell the real story of the Alamo. In the hopes of educating you beyond pop culture trivia, I've compiled some Cliff Notes about The Alamo.

For nearly seventy years, the Alamo served as a home to missionaries and their Indian converts.

Rising Action
In the early 1800s, the Spanish military stationed a calavry unit at the mission. Throughout Mexico's ten-year struggle for independence, Spanish, Rebel, and Mexican forces occupied the Alamo. Until the Texas Revolution, that is.

Turning Point
In December of 1835, Texian and Tejano volunteers forced the the Mexican troops out of the city and out of the Alamo. Once they had settled in, they were attacked by the Mexican army!

They fought steadily and viciously for 13 days. This is the most memorable fight in the history of Texas, as the volunteers desperately sent pleas of support throughout the countryside. Those that answered the call included Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie (or was that Jimmy Crockett and David Bowie?). The volunteer troops were ready to fight to the death and claim the freedom of Texas forever.

Surprise Ending
Early on March 6, 1836, Mexican soldiers finally overcame the defenders of the Alamo and claimed it as their own. Wassa? Mexico won? Didn't expect that, did ya?

While the exact story of the Alamo is still being debated, there is no doubt as to what the battle has come to symbolize: a place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Moral of the Story
Never give up. Never Surrender. And, It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you write the history books afterwards.

the alamo today...

the front

the ground

the tree

the close-up
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We've got mail...

Just checked out the web page and saw the Alamo picture. Laughed my ass off! That just made my day! Still waiting to see the bowling socks.
- Colin, Thunder Bay ON

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McKinney Falls S.P.

Site 34. The ranger assured us that they didn't have any boa constrictors, but we had to watch out for the rattlesnakes and copperheads. We had to carry a flashlight at all times of the night. Wouldn't want to step on one of them. Or a cactus.
Cost: $13.00

Town of Sealy
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San Antonio
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McKinney Fall S.P.

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