day 113
across kansas

"If I had to cast a horse in a movie
as the Horse of Death, he'd be it." -k.
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Over the Rainbow:
Nickname: Sunflower State
Land Area: 81,823 sq. mi.
Highest Point: Mount Sunflower
Height: 4.039 ft.
Population: 2,603,200
Capital: Topeka
Largest City: Wichita

Claim to Fame: The world's largest hand-dug well in Brenham. Oh, and that whole Oz thing.

Ectomobile Lookalike of the Day
Fill 'Er Up!
The Gas 'n Shop in Beloit, Kansas claimed our
1000th Dollar In Gas!
Holy Mackarel, Mel! You're great on gas for someone who's almost 269,000!

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Kansas: A Whirlwind Tour
Dec 17 - You'd be surprised how much you can find in Kansas when you're not really looking.

Wayside: Little House on the Prairie
Closed on Mondays, but we were still able to see the log cabin that Pa built. There's a certain excitement in seeing the place that you read about as a little girl. Even if it's not the real cabin. It's in the right spot at least. Or maybe it isn't. Well, it's still cool.

Sedan: World's Longest Yellow Brick Road
A perfect example of a small town tourist trap. The sidewalk through the town has two lines painted in "middle of the highway" yellow, and proclaims this is a yellow-brick road. The longest in the world, in fact. Like there's a competition.

Wichita: Middle America At Its Best
This is the skyline for the largest city in Kansas. It didn't seem like much of a party town on the drive through, but we did make up a song about it to the tune of "Wishing I Was There" by Natalie Imbruglia.
For a selection of more interesting skylines, click here.

Rock City: Billboards up the Wazoo
Anyone headed down to Florida from Canada (every Canadian makes the trip once in their life) would see the billboards telling you to See Ruby Falls or See Rock City. In this case, the billboards are more of an attraction than the attraction itself.

Idana: A Personal Stop
Here's a good joke to tell your friends at the office: What's the difference between Idana Goldberg and Idana Kansas? Give up? One is married to Michael Kellman, the other is a town in Kansas. Ho ho ha!
Click the picture for an explanatory visual.

Cawker City: Largest Ball of Twine
Remember when we went to Darwin, MN to see the World's Largest Ball of Twine? Well, that ball was built by one man. This ball of twine (44 ft. in diameter) shows you what an entire town can accomplish. This truly is the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Ask me if I'm impressed. Go on.

Lebanon: Center of the Conterminous U.S.
What the heck does Conterminous mean? Sounds to me like we're in the center of the Grumpy States. We prefer the term "Contiguous", or for the hip crowd, "The Lower 48".

We've done the East, the South, and now the Middle!

So that's Kansas! We got through the whole state without running into a single Wizard of Oz rip off! Ha!

Oh, no wait. The yellow brick deal in Sedan. Okay, we came close.

We've got mail...

You guys are totally awesome. I am excited beyond words by the pictures of Idana (Kansas). you have to understand, I have never ever seen my name anywhere, (where it wan't my name) so it is thrilling to have road signs, churches etc with my name on it. the cemetery one is my favorite - did you know I love visiting cemteries and there is a chapter in my dissertation on cemeteries. the jewish star is amazing- though odd. thank you so much for including Idana on your tour and for the pictures.
-Idana Goldberg, New York NY

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Today's Weather:
Sunny, yet Frigid

Daily Stats
Straight Road:588.4km
Pump Wells:56
(Though last night came close.)

Sleeping Quarters
Glen Elder State Park

Wow! This is the second night in a row that we've pulled in in time to see the sunset! Usually we pull in in the dull haze of dusk, or worse, we have to use our highbeams to set up the tent. But what a sunset!

Cost: $10.50

Elk City S.P.
Both:Baked Apple Oatmeal
Clay County, just east of Miltonvale
Kevin:Jam Sandwich on Raisin Bread
Aimee:Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich on Raisin Bread
Glen Elder S.P.

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