day 114

"Think of the mayhem we could cause in this state with a pair of wire cutters." -a.
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Ask Nebraska:
Nickname: Cornhusker State
Land Area: 76,878 sq.mi.
Highest Point: Kimball Cty.
Height: 5424 ft
Population: 1,661,400
Capital: Lincoln
Largest City: Omaha

Claim to Fame:
Corn. Ask anyone.

Fed Up Former Rainbow Motel Owner of the Day

Kev's Hairy Business!
A while ago we asked which version of Kev you preferred. The results were mixed, but two shaves prevailed above the rest. See for yourself:

Clean Cut: 27% of votes
Goatee: 27% of votes
Stripe Beard: 20% of votes
Chin Scruff: 13%
Beard: 13% of votes
Moustache: Not a single vote

We've just been notified that my Mom voted more than once, which is explicitly against the rules! Sorry Mom, Donnie ratted on you.

That means our winning shave is... drumroll please...

The Goatee!

Carpe Diem
Dec 18 - If you look at our Rand McNally's Road Atlas, you'll notice two things about it.

The first is that it has almost completely fallen apart. The pages are dog-eared (yes, all of them), they're ripped, they're torn, they're falling out. It's in pretty bad frickin' shape, I won't lie to you, but it still gets us from A to B (usually via F, H and X).

The second thing you'll notice is that almost every state has got dozens of hi-lighter circles and arrows all over the place. Sometimes it's around a little pink square, which refers to a point of interest, like the Chalk Pyramids, the World's Largest Hand-Dug Well, or the Site of the Kidder Massacre in Kansas (none of which we had time to fit in, unfortunately). Other circles are around unmarked areas that we've managed to dig up through visitor centre pamphlets, various American road trip books, and the web. These are usually just big circles with a scribbled word next to them, such as "Gorilla" to signify the two and a half ton steel gorilla near Harvey, ND.

Now, when I mentioned the dozens of circles, I used the phrase "almost every state". The "almost" is Nebraska's fault. It only has one: Carhenge. And it's in the frickin' middle of frickin' two frickin' hours of frickin' nothing. We watched "Sneakers" for a good portion of the trip. Good flick.

If I may change directions for a moment, let's get a closer look at Aimee's hat.

HAHAHAHA! Ha ha! Ha... Woo boy, I never get tired of that.

Anyway, I do have to say, Carhenge was worth the trip. I don't know if it was because it was such a dramatic sharp jut of interestingness in a sea of perpetual boredom, or if it was just damn cool. If it were in the middle of, say, Florida, would we have stopped? Maybe, maybe not. But for the time being, I really liked it just where it was.

In all its glory.
If you haven't yet figured out what Carhenge is, let me enlighten you: It's an exact replica of Stonehenge, complete in every detail, except, well, with cars instead of stones. It was built by Jim Reindeers on his farm in Nebraska, along with the help of his family. In fact, it was built during a week-long family reunion, just for the hell of it. Sounds like my family.

Though this in itself should be fascinating enough, there's more. Not far off from the druidic mounds lay other auto-related art pieces, no doubt inspired by the genius of Carhenge. I'm sure Jim Reindeers never thought his art would be a beacon to millions of automobile artists. Well, four automobile artists, anyway.

All I can really say is, if it's the weekend, and you're bored, and you feel like doing something out of the ordinary, and you happen to be in northwest Nebraska at the time, hey, have we got a spot for you.



The Fourd Seasons

Spawning Salmon

Covered Wagon

God Bless America
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Today's Weather:
Holy Frickin Frack it's SNOWING

Daily Stats
Gas Spillovers:1

Donkey Roadkill:1

Sleeping Quarters
Ft. Robertson State Park

It's our first experience sleeping in snow. Wish us luck.

Cost: $5.50

Glen Elder S.P.
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Alliance, NE
K's Order:Pancakes, Eggs & Sausage
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