day 137
pride of the prairie

"Umm. Hmm. Nope, no giant cows in this town. But come to think of it, there is a giant cow about 30 miles south of here."
- Gas Station Guy, Carrington.
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Center of it All:
Place: Geographical Center of North America
Town: Rugby, ND
Thing: Pyramid Cairn
Height: 21 feet
Width: 6 feet
Foundation: Heart-shaped
Completed: 1932

Defining the Center:
The geographical center of an area may be defined as that point on which the surface of the area would balance if it were a plane of uniform thickness, or in other words the center of gravity of the surface.

It would not be feasible, therefore, to specify for such a large irregular area as that of North America the exact section, township, and range in which the geographic center lies.

By the way...
Did you happen to read the day when we visited the Center of the 48 States or Center of all 50 states? We thought so.

Bison Balls of the Day

Fee Fi Fo Fakota
Jan 10 - On our first trip through North Dakota, the only thing we had on our minds was to make it home for Christmas. This time, we're in no hurry and we're beginning to notice that this state is full of freaky big things.

As you all know by now, there's nothing we love more than big freaky things along the side of the highway. It's what makes America great.

The skidoo is the crowning achievement here, forget the turtle.
Outside of Buchanan
They've got one just like it in Bemidji.
This beauty is made entirely of Wheels. They've named him Wee'l. Clever.
Currently under contruction. A worthy cause.
This looks like something Danny would draw.
Everything is big on this bison.

Current Location
(get out your push pins)

North Dakota

Next Stop: Bismarck, ND

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Today's Weather:
Big Sky Day

Daily Stats

Giant Turtles:2
Regular Turtles:0
Giant Bison:2
Regular Bison:27
Giant Cows:1
Regular Cows:76

Sleeping Quarters
Fort Abraham Lincoln S.P.

A wonderful evening. There was no wind, and the weather was fairly warm. As warm as it gets for North Dakota in January, anyhoo.

Cost: $10.00

The Bowling Alley
Bottineau, ND
K's Order:Pancakes, Eggs, Toast
A's Order:Oatmeal, Toast
On the Road
Highway 52
Fort Abe Lincoln
Both:Beef & Country Veggie Soup

Mom & Pop's
Road Stops

Back in Mexico
First stop: a car wash done properly. There's still lots of driving ahead and they don't want to stand out as a Gringo!
We treated Mel to
the same on Day 158.

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