méxico: el día seis
the national park

"You can't write an essay in the dark." -dad.
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Sit Uru Sit:
Founded By: San Miguel
Divided Into: Nine Hoods
Also Called: Barrios

Claim to Fame: Uruapan is Michoacan's second largest city and contains vast tracts of land. These tracts of land are used for avacado plantations.

Fishheads, Fishheads,
Roly Poly Fishheads, Fishheads, Fishheads,
Eat Them Up, Yum
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Home of the fastest taco hands in the south. If you blink, you'll miss them dropping the meat on the floor!

Hahaha. ha. ha.

Don't worry. They won't serve you that piece of pork. What do you think this is, Hotel Duluth?
This One's for Abbie!
Mark, Abbie and Henry... Mexico is calling you. Time to visit!

National Pride
Febrero 3 - Well, heck. We've been to so many National Parks throughout the United States that we had to visit the Mexican National Park. It would have been a disgrace for us not to.

I'm not sure how many national parks are in this country, but I'm suspecting not that many. It seems as though the government would have bigger worries than National Parks. Like figuring out where to put all that dust.

But they sure are doing a good job with the one they've got. Only 8 pesos to get in. We didn't even try to use our favourite National Parks Pass. I don't think it would have worked.

For those of you in Thunder Bay, I will describe the National Park as a very large Conservatory. It's got the paths through, it's got the waterfalls, it's got the tropical plants.

Child's death dive.
The only difference is that you can eat fried foods here. And small children are jumping to their apparant deaths for a few pesos. So actually, with the fear of clogged arteries and death, this is much, much better than the Conservatory in Thunder Bay.

For those of you outside of Thunder Bay, the Convervatory is very much like a tiny Mexican National Park. That should clear up any confusion.

There's something odd about paying a young boy to dive five stories into the water below. There's something even stranger when we're too cheap to even pay for this sight. We wanted to see him do it for free. Can you believe it? We've reached the "touristical" and "monetarial" point in our journey that we aren't willing to pay a mere 5 pesos to watch a miraculous death. I mean dive.

In the end, someone else paid for the dive. We got to see it. The photo didn't turn out. The kid survived. We went for lunch. Kev's folks paid.

Meet Phil: Eco-Adventure Tour Guide
Name: Phil Justice
Age: 23
Nationality: Canadian
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Little Know Phil Fact: He's left handed!

Business: Rocomar Eco-Adventure Tours
Tour Length: 1 Day to 10 Day Tours Available
Tour Size: Average 6 people/tour
Tour Patrons: Mostly Canadian and American

Was it difficult to start a tour business in Mexico? In terms of paperwork, it was about 8 months of work down here. Actually, I'm still passing some of it back and forth with the state. Investigating the local areas and finding the best places to go was probably about a year of research. The big pain was that to start a limited company, you need a visa, and to get a visa, you need to work for a limited company.

What are the favourite sights? My favourite stop is definitely the coast, down around Coleta de Campo, because we're there to relax. But if I had to ask the customers, I'm sure they'd say the butterflies.

What's your best tour story? Once I went canyoning with a group of kids from Mexico City, and one from India. The kid from India didn't listen to any of my safety instructions; he just jumped into to the canyon streams without listening, then smacked into a huge rock so hard it tossed him out of the river. Later, he explained that he was trying to hurt himself, because after this he had to go back to India for an arranged marriage.

How is your current tour going? Pretty well. It's a group of Canadians, which makes it fairly easy. It seems the Canadians and Americans want a nice, slow, smooth tour, where the Mexicans are looking to go out and hurt themselves.

Quote of the Day? A lady in the tour today said, "Oh, yeah yeah yeah, puente... does that mean 'fish' or 'clown'?" I don't know where she got either of those. Puente means 'bridge'.

Book a tour today at www.rocamar.com.mx!

no fauna, just flora...

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Nuestro Sitio Ahora

Mañana: Around here

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El Tiempo:

Las Estadísticas
Gasolina: None
Why: Dad Drove

To Uruapan: 132km
Admission: 8p each
Equivalent to: $1.00
Parks Pass Savings: No


Cough cough hack cough cough. Comfy! We've been moved upstairs to Phil's place because Annie and Fraser are coming to visit!
Sorry for re-using the home shots. We're too busy doing nothing to take pictures of the house.


All:Homemade Oatmeal, Melon, Toast

Restauranta Trucha
All:Sopa Tarasca, Trucha con Macadamia, Helado
Cuenta:212 pesos

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