day 178
hoover dam

"I'm not getting out of the jeep. I want to say I've been to the Hoover Dam, but have never seen the Hoover Dam." -a.
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Dam Is Not a Swear:
Started: 1931
Completed: 1935
Reason: Reclaiming of Land

Helpless Information: This dam was not created by the cross-dressing former CIA director (Director Hoover). Now was it funded by the Vacuum company (Hoover). Rather, it is named after the former President of the United States (President Hoover).

Kevin's Nose Knows There's Food Nearby
Things We Missed in Vegas:
1. Bellagio
2. Ceasar's Palace
3. Stratosphere
4. Star Trek Experience
5. Cirque De Soliel
6. Winning Money
7. Losing Our Savings
8. Getting Married
9. Indecent Proposals
10. Blackjack
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy 28th Inga! You're getting closer to 30 every minute!
Tell Inga she looks
great for her age!

And You!
And a Happy 8th Birthday to our nephew, Presley! Enjoy your new mountain bike!
Tell Presley he doesn't
look a day under 10!

Dam That's Big

You and I both know that this photo is big because we're too busy working on the Vegas backlog to really pay attention to the Dam. But seriously, which is funnier? Las Vegas or the Hoover Dam? I think we've made the right choice.

hoover happy...

Inspiring Memorial

Waiting Water

Biodome III

Go, electricity! Go!
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Hoover Dam, NV

Next Stop: Death Valley

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Today's Weather:
Dam Near Perfect

Daily Stats

Close Parking:$5.00
Far Parking:Free!
We Chose:Neither
Reason:Why Park?

Sleeping Quarters
Texas Spring Death Valley

Site A139. The quiet is overwhelming. The only sounds we hear are the hums of the motorhomes as older folk try to tune into CNN on their satellite dishes. Besides being a work day, today was also dish washing day. It's a much bigger affair when you have to do your dishes on the ground.

Cost: $12.00

Boulder Highway
K's Order:Grand Slam Breakfast, Coffee
A's Order:Spicy Fries, Coffee
Texas Spring Death Valley
Both:Pasta Shells, Niblet Corn

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