day 200
one last contest...

"Wait, hold on, you guys just got way f**kin' cool."
- Seth, Cafe Bizzarro.
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Ending All Contests:
Dulse or Nori?
As seen on Grand Manan
This is our longest unanswered contest. I guess our readers don't care about seaweed.

The Answer: The goo on the left is Dulse and the darker goo on the right is Nori. How do we know?
Mystery Ball
As seen on Day 57
Winners: Rich and Zoe
When we published this contest for a second time on Day 136, we received a ton of responses.

The Answer: It's called an osage orange, a monkey ball, green brain, or a hedgeball. Stick this sucker in your cupboard to keep the bugs away.
Mountain Numbers
As seen on Day 143
Correct: Dave Yaun
Creative: Dan Nawrocki
A pretty easy contest... It's no surprise that we got so many correct responses.

The Answer: The graduating class makes their mark each year on the highest point in town.
Mystery Beast
As seen on Day 144
It's not a wild boar, folks. Well, it is a wild boar, but that's too general.

The Answer: It's a Javelina (pronounced havaLEEna) If you're looking for a good read, pick up this book.
Red Line Road
As seen on Day 168
No answers for this one either. Are you all afraid of failure?

The Answer: It's the Mexican runaway truck lane! Ariba!
Big Foot Contest
As seen on Day 181
Winners: Aimee's Sister & Kevin's Mom
Family does know best.

The Answer: At size 13, Kev's got bigger feet than all those hollywood hunks. Even Marilyn Monroe!
Pershing Tree
As seen on Day 188
Why would we care about the General Pershing tree in Sequoia National Park?

The Answer: If you remember, it's General Pershing who is the inspiration behind our favourite pastry, The Persian. Read the full story on Day 50.
Vegas Odds
As seen on Day 177
Winner: Danny Nawrocki
Our favourite contestant Danny got this one. But his answer sounds like he looked it up.

The Answer: "The Martingale system is a very old and extremely simple system. It is based on the probability of losing infinite times in a row and is usually applied to 'even money' bets. You start with one bet. If you win, you start again with one bet. If you lose, you double your bet. Each time you lose, you double your last lost bet. Eventually you are bound to win. When you win you would recover all your lost bets plus one unit (or chip) profit against your initial wager. So, this puts a limit on what you can win back in one hand."

The Contest To End All Contests

March 14 - Thank goodness this trip is over, because we ran out of clever opening sentences a long time ago.

But, we can't end the trip without one more super duper giveaway, now can we? NO! That would be an insult to all of our devoted fans! After all, all we have to do is drive around and take photos. It's you, the real workers out there, who actually have to sit down and read it! This was never about us... it was always about you. We can safely say that, gosh, we think we love you.

So, we've put a little something together, hopefully to keep you busy for the next little while as we get ourselves organized for Round Two... Kevin & Aimee Go Walkabout.

What does the winner get? We won't know until we clean out the jeep! But one thing's for certain: it'll be keen!

For Starters...
1. What does Kevin eat for breakfast more often: Pancakes or Oatmeal? Pancakes 
2. What was Aimee for Halloween?
3. In which state did Kevin get a speeding ticket? Minnesota 
4. Who usually wins at Mario Kart? Aimee 
5. On which day (between 1 and 200) did we drive the farthest? Day 
6. Who introduced us to the EggWave?
7. On which door is Mel missing a decorative side strip? Right Rear 
Left Front 
Right Front 
Left Rear 

A Little Harder...
8. On how many days does our distance exceed 500km?

9. What day did we crack $100 on our National Parks Pass?
10. Who/What is mentioned in the most days throughout the site? Michael Kellman 
Dan Nawrocki 
Piggly Wiggly 
11. Who are these people?

12. What are the names of two people we met who were biking around the world?

13. Who won the Skyline Contest?
14. Which two days have the same title above the four photos?
(i.e. yesterday's title is "needle in an urban haystack")


Big Fat Bonus Question That We Don't Expect Anyone To Get But Kudos To You If You Do: Where were these photos taken?

Whew! Holy crap was that ever tough! Good thing you've read everything on our site and know exactly where everything is! Now, don't forget the next bit, so we know exactly where to send the crap from under the seat, er, I mean PRIZES!

Your full name (so we can make fun of your middle name):

Your email address:

Your complete mailing address:
(We promise not to sign you up for psychic newsletters and catalogues and stuff)

If I may take a moment to be serious... sigh... okay, that was it.

See You In Australia!

Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Vancouver, BC

Next Stop: Sellin' Mel

see the full map...

Last Day's Weather:
Big Surprise

Daily Stats
Km to Canada:76.2km
Gas: $0.00
Song:Raise a Little Hell

Sleeping Quarters
Audrey & Marcia's

Ahhhh... It's so nice to be back in Canada!

The Last Day:

Exit Point: Blaine, WA (I-5)
Entry Point: Surrey, BC (Hwy99)
Time at border: 45 seconds
Questions asked: About 8
Border Guy: Businesslike
Overall feeling:

Final Fill-up: Arco AM/PM
When: Last Night
Where: Burlington, WA
Price: $1.03/gallon
Cost: $14.00
Overall feeling:

Final Sleep: China Wok Motel
Where: Burlington, WA
Room Number: 33
Price: $41.95
Watched: X-Files, Dude Where's My Car
Overall feeling:

Final Food: Cafe Bizzarro Where: Seattle, WA
Price: $43.55
Busboy: Seth
Overall feeling:

This is Seth. He was cool.


This is the moment! Yesterday, good old dependable Mel received his 2000th dollar in gas. To celebrate this supreme event, we gave him Supreme gas to clean that engine that's worked so hard these past 200 days.

We love ya, Mel. We'll miss you in Australia.

By the way, did we mention?
Mel's Been Sold!

Your email address...

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