day 39
chesapeake bay, virginia

"Uh oh. My hands smell like meat." -k.
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Tunnel Bridge Tidbits:
Started: 11:22am
Finished: 11:56am
Stops: 1
Location: Seagull Pier
Toll: $10.00
Free with Toll: Small Pepsi

Amazin' Fact! They actually build the tunnels for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Maryland, not on site. They build the whole length of tunnel in a huge shipyard, then float it down river to Chesapeake Bay. When they're ready, they sink the tunnel, hook it up to the road, then pump out the water! They're some of the strongest (and safest) tunnels in the world! Jeepers!

Most Exciting Point on Bridge (Kilometer 17)
Virginia's Roads:
1. Merry Cat Lane
2. Pleasure House Road
3. Rip Rap Road
4. Bland Blvd.

Virginia is our 12th state! That means we're 1/4 of the way done. Whew!

Virginia Is For Bridge Lovers
Oct 4 - If you like bridges, well, you're in for a big ol' treat. Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which connects the little bitty bit of Virginia with the big fat bit of Virginia, is one big bridge, let me tell you.

It is so big, in fact, that parts of it are tunnels, so the big ships can get into Chesapeake Bay without ducking. It's quite remarkable. It's also quite long.

Experience the magic for yourself! We took a photo every kilometer along the bridge so everyone could enjoy it with us! So, through the power of Virtual Reality, made possible by the Information Superhighway through your Fifty Six Kilobit Per Second Fax/Modem, here are 32 photos, in order, of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, in amazing Technicolor(TM)!

Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Chesapeake Bay

Next Stop: Shenandoah N.P.

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Today's Weather:
Air Conditioned.

Daily Stats
Gas: $16.50
Bridge: 33.0km
Skyline: 36.8km

Sleeping Quarters
Loft Mountain, Shenandoah

Site A34-C. Our site would have been A34-E but there was a huge ass buck sitting next to the picnic table when Kev went down. Instead, we opted for the buck-free campsite.

Cost: $14.00

Both:Banana Muffins
K's Order:Pretzels
A's Order:Tortilla Chips
Loft Mountain
Both:Beef Skewers
Hot Sausage
Baked Beans

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