day 53
iowa city

"I want poe-tay-toe chips." -a.
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Sick Stats:
Tissues: Puffs with Lotion
Cough Drops: Fisherman's Friend
Chips: Wavy Lays
Juice: Orange
Tea: Honey Lemon

Claim to Shame: This is the first time Aimee's gotten sick since leaving Thunder Bay. Suspiciously enough, we think Dean passed the cold onto her when he was visiting from Thunder Bay. Hmmmm.

Full Service Station of the Day
Stuff Aimee Read While Sick in Bed:
National Geographic
- Tracking the Leopard
- 50 Places of a Lifetime

Land's End
- Outerwear Headquarters!
- Premiere for Women

- Ben Affleck, His Fight to Get Sober
- Sept.11, 2001, The Day that Shook America
- Behind the Scenes at People
- Hollywood Hosts with the Most!
- America Unites
- Everything But Love
- From Single Girls to Married Friends
- William & Harry, Boys to Men
- The Stars Pitch In
- Gary Condit Talks
- Sexy at Any Age!
- Jennifer Lopez says 'I Do'

Recommended by Dr. Mom
Oct 18 - We knew it had to happen sooner or later. Neither one of us has gotten sick since our last visit to Thunder Bay, so we were overdue for our autumnal cold.

Aimee was the chosen one to catch the bug this time, which is good. After all, if I get sick, we lose our only driver.

But at least we had a mom around. And what a mom... "Oh, are you sure you should be going anywhere? Here's some tea, make sure you get some fluids into you. Here, have some potato chips. You should probably stay another night just to be safe. If you keep moving, you'll just stay sick. There there..."

And we didn't complain. At first, Aimee was saying, "oh, sniffle snuff, I can make it, we have to make it to New Orleans, snuffle snorf." But the short trip from the bed to the bathroom put her back in her place.

I didn't complain either. I got a chance to catch up on the site, and Mel the Jeep got a much needed and well deserved rest. Not only that, but we had dozens of opportunities to get the dirt on our tried and true friend, Alissa, direct from her mom. Heh heh.

The verdict? Phooey. According to her mom, she was a good kid and never did anything wrong. Humph. Should have called her sister.

Meet Alissa:
The Eighties

Nickname: Missy
Hometown: Iowa City, IA
Recreation: Pom Squad!
Boyfriend: Kurt Trout
Occupation: Secretary at Hospital Business Office
Cudos: Won Best Actress Award (the statue is still sitting on her dresser)
Looks: About 18
Hair Colour: Alissa had her hair bleached blonde for her role as Baby June in Gypsy. She was teased about it enough that once the play was over, mom brought her to the salon to get it dyed back. Well, it turned this starlet's hair green!
Performing Arts: Dorothy in Wizard of Oz
Brush With Greatness: Back when Alissa was singing with the State Fair, her boyfriend Trout was friends with Tommy Lee. Well, Trout wanted to go and see his girl sing, and Motley Crue had nothing better to do that night, so they tagged along. Alissa's performed for Motley Crue!
Meet Alissa:
The 21st Century

Nickname: Missy
City of Choice: New York
Recreation: Yoga
Boyfriend: Patrick
Occupation: Producer of Online Animation
Cudos: Alissa and her team are the proud winners of a People's Choice Award at the 2001 Flash Forward Festival for the online animation Chi-Chian.
Looks: About 21
Hair Colour: Auburn
Performing Arts: For years, Missy has worked with the Gingerbread Players And Jack to create magical, original entertainment for children's theatre all over the United States. She's a star! And she still plays Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
Brush With Greatness: Ran into Chris Kattan on the street walking home from work.

sick day...

Aimee's Infirmary

Barb and June at El Ranchero

Aimee's Sterile Environment

Betsy, Ruler of the Household
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Current Location
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Iowa City

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Daily Stats
Distance:Never Left
Gas:Never Left
Mom's Dog:Betsy
Tossed Ball:32 Times
Faked a Toss:3 Times
Fell for it:3 Times

Sleeping Quarters
Brodsky Home

We weren't planning on staying today, but Barbara was right. We had laundry to do. So while Aimee stayed in bed, Kev slaved away at the site. We're still not caught up though.

Missy's House
Iowa City
Both:Honey Nut Clusters Cereal
Missy's House
Iowa City
A's Order:Potato Chips

Downtown Iowa City
Shared:Cheese Pizza & House Special Pizza
Cost:Our Treat!

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