day 6
mount monadnock, new hampshire

"I can smell the bottom." -k.
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Mount Stats:
Height: 3,276 ft.
People Per Year: 125,000
First Scaled: Early 1800s
Last Scaled: 6:36pm

Claim to Fame: This is the second most scaled mountain in the world. (And of course they don't tell you the first.)
Trails up to the Summit:
1. White Dot 1.9 mi
2. White Cross 2.1 mi
3. Cascade Link 5.0 mi
4. Parker Trail 1.5 mi
5. Spellman 2.9 mi
6. Cliff Walk 7.8 mi

Fake Mountain of the Day

A residual hill or mountain standing well above the surface of the surrounding teneplain.
Little Known Fact:
In the early 18th century, sheep farmers chased all the wolves in the area up onto Monadnock Mt. and set it on fire. This not only killed all the wolves in the area, but nearly every tree on the mountain. Neither returned.

This page is brought to you by:
The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

Mt. Monadnock: A Study
Sept 1 - The solitary profile of the grand Monadnock has inspired the human imagination and attracted great numbers of visitors over the years. Early settlers, naturalists, poets, artists, and thousands of day hikers have brought changes to the mountain and given it a rich human history. Evidence of their presence here still remains.

For summer visitors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, creating new trails and naming natural features was a holiday pastime.

Rising 1500 to 2000 ft. above the surrounding countryside, Monadnock rewards the hiker with panoramic views up to 100 miles in any direction. On a clear day, all six New England states are visible.

The best known and most heavily traverssed trails cut a direct line from base to summit. These make up only a small portion of the more than 40 mile trail system maintained on the mountain. Not all trails lead to the summit but each offers its own unique hiking experience.

Whiel today many people think most about getting to the summit, much delight may also be found along Monadnock's many cliffs, large boulders, springs and gentle streams. Many still ring with the fanciful names given them by summer visitors over a century ago. The fondness they felt for their favourite haunts may still be sensed today.

Fairy Spring : A pool in Fairy Brook on the Fairy Spring Trail from the Halfway House site to Monterosa.
Black Precipice: The largest vertical cliff on the mountain, reached by a spur trail on the east side of South Summit Trail. It is so called because of the dark coloured rock, lichens, and shadow created by an overhang. The folded layers of schist which form Monadnock are clearly visible.
Sarcophagus: A large glacial boulder on the Pumpelly Trail at 2800 ft. Seen from the east on the ridge, it looks like a burial sarcophagus or coffin.

"It is remarkable what haste the visitors make to get to the top of the mountain and look away from it... the great charm is not to look off from a height, but to walk over this novel and wonderful rocky surface."
A Profile: Henry David Thoreau
Of the many mountains Henry David Thoreau explored, Monadnock was a favourite. This philosopher of wilderness was one of many New England writers and artists drawn to the rocky barren peak. The site of Monadnock in the west was an early memory: on his deathbed he wrote about his last camp there. The dramatic landscape of Monadnock reinforced his belief in a spiritual force that created harmony between humans and nature.

Accompanied by Henry Blake and Ellory Channing in 1860, Thoreau climbed and explored Monadnock, camping below the summit on the southeastern slope. The prominent peak offered separate environment for study: an independent world where plants, animal and climate work together. At first, he made only general comments in his journals about scenic views. Later he came to study the whole mountain closely. His camp was his observation post secured from the elements and other visitors. From there, he walked repeatedly around the mountain, surveying its five spurs and drawing a detailed map. He studdied the rock forms, bogs and pools, and every type of animal and plant life.

Thoreau's remarkable vision and empathy with wilderness guide us today in our efforts to protect "a New Hampshire everlasting and unfallen".

on the mountain...

Elvis, the Lounge Lizard with a bum leg

You can see Boston from here

Kevin before he was blown off the summit

Aimee mourning Kevin's grim demise
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Mt. Monadnock

Next Stop: The Hamptons

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Today's Weather:
Chilly at the summit!

Daily Stats

Our Climb...
Trail Up:White Dot
Distance:2.2 mi
Trail Down:White Cross
Distance:2.3 mi
Time:4.5 hrs.

Sleeping Quarters
Monadnock State Park

It didn't rain, but the wind was whippin' in at about 70 mph.

Cost: $12.00

Rusty Bucket
K's Order:Blueberry Pancakes
Western Omlette
Home Fries
Great Coffee
A's Order:Special #2
Really Great Coffee
Mount Monadnock
K's Order:Green Apple
A's Order:Red Apple
Gary's Harvest Restaurant
Highway 101
K's Order:Cheeseburger w/ Chips
A's Order:BLT w/ Fries

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