day 90
leaving florida

"Molly, get your face outta my beans." -bruce.
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Nickname: Sunshine State
Land Area: 53,937 sq. mi.
Population: 15, 012,200
Highest Point: Walton County
Height: 345 ft.
Capital: Tallahassee
Largest City: Jacksonville

Top 5 Claims to Fames:
1. Disney World
2. Key West
3. Elian Gonzales
4. Cape Canaveral
5. Retirement Homes

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Grocery List:
If we're going to survive this next month, we need supplies.
Instant Oatmeal
3 lbs Potatoes
Pasta Sauce
Whipped Butter
Baby Carrots
We've already got:
Case of Soup
Peanut Butter
Dried Nuts/Fruit

Let's see if this is enough to last 30 days!
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On the Toad Again
Nov 25 - Am I the only one that finds that title funny?

We are finally leaving. It's been 25 days since we entered the sunny state of Florida. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's been fabulous. Expensive, yes, but fabulous. We hadn't planned to spend so much time here, but we greatly underestimated the amount of wacky stuff this state had to offer. And as Canadians, we were amazed at this thing you have called "sun".

But let's face it. Florida is not exactly a pass-through state, is it? It's not like New Jersey, which New Yorkers think of as "that thing in the way of Philidelphia". No, Florida is a place people go to, not go through. So, naturally, everywhere in Florida thinks of itself as a destination, and thus, gives you a reason to stay just one more day.

And that we did. As you can see by this pie chart,

...Florida just sucked us in, and it's taken us this long to reach escape velocity. If we don't get out by tomorrow, we may have to slingshot around the other side of the sun to pick up enough speed. Thank goodness NASA is nearby.

Money Saving Trip Tips:
1. Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry.
2. Soup is just as filling as steak.
3. Never trust a church that charges admission (or has a gift shop).
4. Make more friends, then move in with them.
5. No amusement park is worth $250.
And speaking of NASA, this state costs about as much as a Mars landing. State parks here are around $25 a night, and usually cater to RVs. Food is expensive. Theme parks are expensive. Everything costs extra. Unless, of course, if you've got the time or the patience to go to a presentation on Timeshares. Mind you, they want your money too. The whole state is after your wallet. Florida is the pickpocket of the United States; your money is gone, but you can't remember when it happened.

By the way, have you ever thought that maybe the space program costs so much because it's located in Florida? Ponder that one.

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Leaving Florida

Next Stop: Georgia

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Daily Stats
Gas: $16.00
Cokes: 2 Cans
Pretzels: 1/2 Bag
Doritos: 1 Bag
Ice Tea: 1/2 Jug

Sleeping Quarters
Amelia Island

Site B21. Despite the island being her namesake, Aimee couldn't enjoy it with the tummy troubles she was having. I had a nice time chatting with Kyle and family, and falling asleep to the Jeff Foxworthy comedy album.

Cost: $20.63

Kevin:Special K Red Berries
Aimee:Special K Red Berries
Mel the Jeep
Highway 95
Shared:Green Beans & Almonds
Amelia Island
Both:Campbell's Chunky Soup

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