day 91
fort clinch (yes, florida)

"That man is such a hick. He has the teeth and everything." -a.
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Clinch in a Pinch:
Built: 1847
In Use Until: 1945
Bastions: 5
Cannons: 8

Claim to Name: Named in honour of General Duncan Lamont Clinch, a respected officer who fought bravely in the Second Seminole War

HickWatch 2001 Camoflauge Hats: 5
Crooked Teeth: 3
Jacked up 4x4s: 14
"Dang!": 11
Partial List of units which served at Fort Clinch or Fernandina during the Civil War:

Confederate Regiments:
3rd Florida Infantry
4th Florida Infantry
10th Florida Infantry
24th Mississippi Infantry
Florida Militia
2nd Florida Cavalry
Unattached Artillery Battery
Palatka Guard

Union Regiments:
2nd Connecticut Infantry
7th Connecticut Infantry
1st New York Engineers
9th Maine Infantry
11th Maine Infantry
4th New Hampshire Infantry
7th New Hampshire Infantry
157th New York Infantry
107th Ohio Infantry
97th Pennsylvania Infantry
1st South Carolina Infantry
1st US Colored Infantry
3rd US Colored Infantry
21st US Colored Infantry
34th US Colored Infantry
7th United States Infantry
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If I Had A Rocket Launcher...
Nov 25 - I got an eerie case of deja vu the second we entered the Fort. The stone walls, the gravel pathways and the darkened tunnels reminded me of something. Something scary.

Something dangerous.

Had I been here before? Was it a past life, fighting its way to the surface of my subconscious mind? A ghost of a civil war hero passing through my body? I could have been the disembodied spirit of General Duncan Lamont Clinch himself, his spirit telling the tale of his hardships during the Great American War.

No, that wasn't it either.

But I've definitely been here before, I thought to myself, or somewhere very much like it. I remember the determination of survival, the heat of battle, the anticipation felt as I waited high above in a chamber, waiting for the enemy to enter the room below.

I remembered the look of fear in the enemy's eyes as I punctured his Yellow Armour with my Super Nailgun. I felt again the thrill of defeating a chainsaw-bearing ogre with only a single-barrel shotgun for defense. I recalled the sheer power pulsing through my veins that I haven't felt since I held in my hands the single most powerful weapon in existence: the Bug Zapper.

Of course. Quake.

This is Quake. Freaky, huh?
Yuppers, this fort would make a kick ass level of network Quake. The textures, the doorways, all the nooks and crannies... this place is so cool! It was all I could think of as we wandered through it. I didn't listen to the guide at all. All I was thinking was, "ooh, that would be a great place to hide the Super Health" or "I'll bet there's a Zombie behind those doors."

Better yet, ID Software could come in, map out this place, and make a Civil War shoot-em-up game! You'd choose a side, Yankee or Rebel, don the uniform, and be the lone nut gunman who wins the war on his own.

Nah, maybe not. I can't really see "The Capture of Fort Clinch" flying off the shelves.

the quake escape...

You enter the level. BOINK! HUH!

You come out of the tunnel and into the open air.

Watch out for that Scrag!

Close call. Now be careful around this corner.

You just picked up the nailgun, and the silver key!

Shoot the barrels of gun powder to get the Quad Damage

Now quickly! Down the stairs to get the nasty Vore!

Shub-Niggurath awaits you...
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We've got mail...

Score at the half time of the Grey Cup: Calgary 17 Winnipeg 4 (for all of you Canadians)
Sass Jordan is about to take the stage.
- Donnie, Ottawa ON

Hey it's Kyle from Fort Clinch we were camping next to you. Checked out your website it is cool W/B.
- Kyle, Jacksonville FL

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Fort Clinch

Next Stop: Savannah, GA

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Today's Weather:
Kinda Muggy

Daily Stats
Gas: $10.00

When Friends Quake...
Mike:Gets Mad
Danny:Whistle Laughs
Aimee:Pouts, Quits

Sleeping Quarters
Skidaway Island State Park

Site 16. This cat helped us choose our site. By the way, every site at this park comes with water, electricity and (get this) CABLE. Ours just came with a cat.

Cost: $16.00

Amelia Island
Kevin:Apple & Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal
Aimee:Banana Bread Quaker Oatmeal
On the Road
Highway 17, near Brunswick
Both:Crab Salad Wraps
Skidaway Island
Both:Crab Salad
Chunky Soup

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