day 99
corbin, kentucky

A: "Smells like KFC in here."
K: "No, smells like somebody ate KFC and farted."
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Roadkill of the Day
Here's Another Birthplace:
Though we knew it couldn't possibly compare to the birthplace of KFC, we went anyway. Here's what we learned.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a small one- room log cabin on a farm in rural Kentucky. As a result of the long, cold Kentucky winters, he and his father spent a summer together building a large marble structure around the cabin, strictly for insulation purposes.

Lifting the large marble bricks on his own was hard work, especially for Abe, who was only eight years old at the time. But, it gave him the strength and character he needed to one day become president, and the hard labour experience to abolish slavery.

The End.

(We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this report since the Visitor's Centre was closed).
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Doing Chicken Right Since 1932
Dec 3 - Birth of a Legend
Colonel Harland Sanders began the part of his life that brought him fame in a small gasoline service station in Corbin, Kentucky.

Born on September 9, 1890, near Henryville, Indiana, he left school at twelve to support his family. He held a wide variety of jobs as farmhand, soldier, railroader, secretary, insurance salesman, and ferryboat operator until 1930 when he came to Corbin, moved his family into quarters behind the station and started pumping gasoline.

This was the main route to Florida from the north. Traffic slowed during the great depression, so Sanders, who enjoyed cooking, augmented his meager income by selling meals to tourists. His food was liked, his reputation grew and his career as a restauranteur began.

Where it all began.
In 1932, Colonel Harland Sanders bought the small restaurant across the street from that gas station. Here, he combined good cooking, hard work and showmanship to build regional fame for his fine food. His restaurant and motel (now gone) flourished.

To serve his patrons better, Sanders constantly experimented with new recipes and cooking methods. Here he created, developed and perfected his world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe.

In 1956 plans were announced for a Federal highway to by-pass Corbin. Threatened with the traffic loss, Sanders, then 66, and undaunted, sold the restaurant and started travelling America selling seasoning and his recipe for fried chicken to other restaurants. His success in this effort began the world's largest commercial food service system and made Kentucky a household word around the house.

This is the kitchen where Harland Sanders perfected his secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices for breading chicken. Here in 1940, he first experimented with the concept of pressure frying which allowed him to reduce the cooking time for chicken from thirty to nine minutes. The combination of the recipe and the cooking process led to the creation of what he called Kentucky Fried Chicken. In a larger sense, his effort to deliver a good dinner product on short notice marked the beginning of the "fast food" revolution.

Colonel Sanders wanted the walls, floor and ceiling white, so he could tell at a glance if things were clean. To assure customers of the cleanliness of his kitchen, he built openings through the wass so the public could see everything clean and proper. This concept of open kitchens became a standard for KFC in 1982.

Presented by the innumerable friends of Kentucky's greatest goodwill ambassador.

remembering the colonel... fiberglass metal plastic a barrel
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Corbin, KY

Next Stop: Nashville, TN

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Today's Weather:
Mighty Fine

Daily Stats
Gas: $14.00

10 pc. Holiday Feast:
Chicken: 10
Biscuits: 6
Mashed Potatoes: 2
Side: Mac & Cheese

Sleeping Quarters
Mammoth Cave National Park

Site 7. Kev thought this would be a cool park. Guess what? The main camping area in the park was closed! They pointed us over to Houchin Ferry, a little piece of poop on the lower left end of the park. It consisted of 12 sites, a port-a-potty, and a slot that said "Place $10 here". Screw that!

Cost: FREE!

Levi Jackson
Sanders' Cafe
Corbin, KY
Split:10 pc. Holiday Feast
K Had:4 pc. Chicken
2 Biscuits
A Had:3 pc. Chicken
2 Biscuits
Mac & Cheese
Houchin Ferry
Kevin:Some leftover chicken
How Kev Felt Afterwards:

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