night 92
holiday festival of lights!

"I feel like I'm camping next to Vegas." -a.
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The Light Touch:
Santas: 8
Elves: 15
Palm Trees: 24
Pelicans: 2

Claim to Fame:
It's featured on the cover of "This Week in Charleston," if that excites you.

Macaroni Art
of the Night
We Love The Piggly-Wiggly!

Been there...

...done that...

...bought the bacon.
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Trip the Light Fantastic
Nov 26, later - We thought we'd settle down for a long winter's nap at our campsite tonight, but what to our wondering eyes would appear but thousands of lights and they're right over there!

Turns out we're staying at the James Island County Park a.k.a. Festival of Lights Extraordinaire. Here's our theory (we've got a theory for just about everything): people who live in a year-round warm climate have to overdo things when it comes to Christmas, or else they can't get into the spirit of things. It's as though they need a huge jump start to remind them that, no, it's not the middle of summer, it's Christmas!

And the Festival of Lights is how they do it here in Charleston. String up thousands upon thousands of lights representing just about everything from igloos to alligators. Wait till dark. Flip the switch. Whammo, thank you mammo. It's a Winter Wonderland! Or a Candyland. Or Toyland. Or Sealand. They went a little overboard with the "Lands."

But that's exactly our point! Overdo it! You'll never have a White Christmas, so damn it, make it white with 50,000,000 blazing white lights and one heck of an electric bill!

Because, let's face it: The only other choice is plastic snow. And you know what that's like to clean up. Actually, you probably don't.

blinded with joy...

Santa's Too Fat

Cozy Fire

Train Set

Something for Everyone!

It's Sealand!

Fire-Breathing Dragon

Scuba Dude

Crabby's Crab Shack


Wanna Cracker?

Allig's Starring Role

Dumb Monkey
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Current Location
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Tonight's Weather:
Too Warm For Christmas

Lightly Stats
Time to Drive:20min
Time to Walk:1.5hrs

Sand Castles for Christmas?

That's Better.

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