2 dayz 2 go!
grand manan island

A: "What's a lobster plug?"
K: "Dunno. Sounds dirty."
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Grand Manan Island:
Location: Dark Harbour
Industry: Launch area for Dulse harvesting
Dulse Picked at: $4/lb.
Dulse Sold at: $8/lb.
Other Harvests: Nori, Rockweed.

Claim to Fame: This harbour is the largest dulse producing harbour in the world.

Whalewatch 2001
Whales Today: 2
Seals Today: 1
Dolphins: 30 or 40!
Try these fabulous fudge recipes!

Larry Marshall's No-Fail Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge
-Stir together 3 3/4 cups icing sugar, 1/2 cup creamy PB, and 6 tbsp cocoa (until crumbly).
-Melt 1 cup margarine on stove at low heat.
-Pour margarine into mix, stir, and add 1 tsp vanilla.
-Pour into 9" pan with wax paper.
-Betty Crocker frosting, 4 tbsp, melt on low heat, drizzle over top.
-Refrigerate 4 hours.
-Cut into little pieces.

Cliford LeBlanc's Microwave Fudge
-Mix 1 can condensed sweet milk and 1 pkg of choc chips.
-Nuke until melted.
-Stir in 1 cup walnuts.
-Mix, pour into pan, set to cool.

Which one is better? Let us know!

Our Saviour Shayler
Aug 24 - Three cheers for Shayler! After four days of analog cell service (ie. no access, no uploads), MananNet saved our web site! MananNet is run out of the Grand Manan High School, a partial T1 line for fast, smooth, easy uploads. Well, it wasn't exactly smooth, since we weren't able to patch the laptop into the network, and it wasn't exactly easy since when you copy files onto a 3.5 floppy, a number of them spontaneously change to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and you have to go in and rename them all... but it was certainly fast. And cheap! Only $3 an hour. And that's Canadian! Beat that, Kinko's!

Anyway, that was yesterday. Onto today...

Our goal was dulse. After spending the evening talking with Larry and company, we thought that we should go and see what all the fuss is about. We hopped on our bikes and headed to Dark Harbour: a very long and vertical 10km ride across the island. It turns out that the island goes straight up to a cliff at Dark Harbour. This makes for an easy bike back, but a doozy of a bike there.

But we were ready to do anything for the dulse. By the time we arrived (around 10:30) the dories had already climbed over the sea wall and made their way out to their harvesting
Another Super Fun Contest!

My name's Shawn, and I've got Nori in one hand and Dulse in the other.

Which is which?
Find out on Day 200!
grounds. We thought that maybe we had missed our chance to see the dulsers, but then we spotted some picking on the rocks. Turns out, it was the boys from B.C. that we had heard about from Larry the night before. They had been pulled over by the cops the night before for not having side panels on their truck, so they thought they'd spend the rest of that night drinking, and consequently, didn't make it to the boat for sunrise. We caught them picking Nori off the rocks down the beach a little ways.

Incidentally, according to Larry, Nori season wasn't starting for another week, and they weren't even supposed to be touching the stuff until then, and boy, would Leroy Flagg be upset when he found out (in case you don't recall from yesterday, Leroy Flagg is the King of Dulse).

Anyhoo, being right there gave us a chance to eat both dulse and nori right off the rocks. Mmm. Mmmm. Good. Nothing like picking a live periwinkle off a long green piece of grass and then popping it in your mouth (the grass, not the periwinkle).

After a long day of biking, there's nothing better than a nice quiet night. Mind you, if you're hangin' in the lodge with Larry and Cliford, chances are the night won't be that quiet. Sigh. We're tired. Ask us about the dolphins tomorrow.

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Dark Harbour (with local wildlife)

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Grand Manan, NB

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Daily Stats
Distance by Car:0km
Distance by Bike:35km

Sleeping Quarters
Hole In The Wall Park

It's so amazing here, we've reserved for tomorrow night as well. As you can see, Aimee got an excellent sleep.

Cost: $23.00

North Head Bakery
Order:Apple Danish (2)
Coffee (1)
Island Perk
K's Order:Chicken Mozza Sub
w/ gp, let, tom
Ice Tea
A's Order:Club House SW
At Campsite
Contents:Herb Fettucini
w/ fresh veg
bakery bread
cinnamon buns

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