on the first
day of christmas...

"Somebody kidnapped Santa? That does not ROCK!"
- Animated Gene Simmons.
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December 22:
There's no other way of putting it: The drive was absolute shit. Even in the daytime it was shit, but the second the sun went down it became shit in the absolute sense, as in there was no room for any form of nonshitness to enter into our experience.

One might say that "we're from Canada, we should be used to it." Well, sure we are. This is the kind of weather that a Canadian looks outside and says "Nope." So, yes, we're used to it, and know the conditions, but were stupid enough to defy our upbringing and drove in it anyway.

But, we made it. We pulled up to Dean's apartment, buzzed the buzzer, and told him it was a pizza. He didn't believe us for a second.

Can't wait to surprise the families!

On the first day of Christmas, we both went to see...

A big silly guy named Dean




...other cat

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Thunder Bay, ON
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White Christmas

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Dean's Apartment

Once the initial "what the hell are you doing in Thunder Bay you're supposed to be in Denver" wore off, it was just like old times. Ahhhh.

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