on the second
day of christmas...

"Okay, what is it with bachelors and Pert Plus?" -a.
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December 23:
You can pretty much chalk up today as a work day. We don't want to surprise our families until tomorrow, so we're going to lay low at Dean's, get some last minute gift wrapping and site work completed.

Actually, Aimee did most of the work. I, on the other hand, spent a large portion of the day playing Diablo II on Dean's computer. For lack of anything better to write, here are some stats on my character...

Name: Silo
Type: Barbarian
Level: 13

Strength: 65
Vitality: 33
Dexterity: 37
Energy: 18
Experience: 133,707

Location: Lut Gohlein
Destination: The Sewers
Quest: Find Radament's Lair

On the second day of Christmas, you're likely to see...

Two busy beavers,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

food of dean...




Ummm... Fruit?
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Thunder Bay, ON
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Today's Weather:
Whiter Christmas

Daily Stats
Worked:2 hrs
Played Diablo II:7 hrs

Worked:5 hrs
Watched VH1:2 hrs

Sleeping Quarters
Dean's Apartment

Another night in the comfiest bed ever! Dean gets another night on the couch, but hey, we live in a freakin' car.

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