on the third
day of christmas...

"That looks like an elephant penis." - Inga.
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December 24:
Ahhhh. The element of surprise. When it works, it must be wonderful.

Too bad it never works. We thought that we'd sneak over to my sister's house through the back roads and alleys. This was our way of attempting to gain control on a surprise that obviously could not be contained.

As we drove sneakily down Simpson St. (most things on Simpson Street are done sneakily, so this didn't appear odd), my dad passed us in his pickup. Luckily, my dad wasn't paying attention as usual, so we were still safe. Close call.

Less than thirty seconds later, we almost had a head-on collision with Inga and Mom at the top of the East End bridge, a near-collision that was added to with my sister screaming "Those bastards, they came home for Christmas! Turn around, turn around!"

What have we learned from this? That it is nearly impossible to find a back alley in Thunder Bay that doesn't have my family in it.

On the third day of Christmas, we both went to see...

Three happy nephews,
two busy beavers,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

my little sugar plums...

No presents under the bed

57 channels and nothing on

Playing Santa

Playing Santa a little too hard
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Today's Weather:
Even Whiter Christmas

Daily Stats
Aim's Family Surprise...
Inga:Screams, Hugs
Dallyn:Covers Face

Kev's Family Surprise...
Dad:"Oh look."
Chris:"What the hell?"

Sleeping Quarters
An Old Fashioned Christmas

With Aim at her sister's,
and Kev at his Pap's
we all settled down
for our long winter's naps.

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