on the sixth
day of christmas...

"Well well, don we now our gay apparel."
- Kevin, commenting on Chris' choice of bar clothing.
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December 26:
In a hundred words or less, here's an update on "The Gang", left to right.

Colin: studying to be an "educator" and still rolling in the suits at Moores.

Kevin: No explanation neccessary.

Dean: Going for 2nd Degree Black Belt soon. Still teaches Karate. Still works at Dominos. Lives for his baby, Matt.

Chris: Good thing we took this picture when he did, because within moments, his friend picked him up to go to the strip clubs.

Mike: Still playing Mario Kart till 4am. Just bought a house with Jena.

Jena: Closer than ever to being an accountant. Just bought a house with Mike.

Heather: Still with Dan.

Dan: Still with Heather.

Nolan: Still a Mormon. Still Nolan.

Aimee: Still taking the photos.

On the sixth day of Christmas, instead of the TV...

Six rounds of Kart...

Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

here's to old friends...

Dan loves Heather

Colin loves crap

Matt loves his car

Chris loves cougars
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Current Location
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Thunder Bay, ON
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Today's Weather:
A tad chilly

Mario Kart Stats
Danny:Usually Wins
Mike:Gets Pissed
Dean:Keeps Up
Kevin:Accepts Loss
Heather:Doesn't Play

Sleeping Quarters
Respective Houses

Comfy, yes, but miles apart. Sniff sniff.

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