on the seventh
day of christmas...

"Here's the Java Cafe. We brew a pot at about 6am
and dump it at about midnight."
- Kev's Dad, Shell employee of the month.
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December 27:
My dad: Thirty years of teaching and look where it got him.

Three years of retirement have given my dad a bad case of cabin fever. In the summer it's fine, since he can divert all extra energy to gardening. But in the winter, when there are no flowers to attend to, the energy can only be controlled in two ways: working, or bugging my mother.

So he got a job.

He runs the convenience store at the new Super Shell station on the corner of Arthur and Leland. He has a little stripey shirt with a name tag that says Frank. He makes $6.85 an hour.

Here's what my dad had to say on the subject....

So for two chocolate bars you can get two extra airmiles... push push push... I think it's called "upsell". Working at Shell, you have to upsell in order to make sure that you get all your points from the Shell Mystery Shopper, who accesses your performance without your knowledge.

For example, you have to say "Hi, how are you?", because "hi" by itself won't get you the 10 points. If you just say "Goodbye," instead of "Goodbye, have a nice day!" more points lost. If you do everything up to snuff you get $200. Oh, the pressure is just too much sometimes... and all for minumum wage!!!!

I think I'll quit and go to Mexico... goodbye, and have a nice day, eh!!!!

On the seventh day of Christmas, Kev's dad gave to me...

Seven bags of chips,

six rounds of Kart...
Five tubbin' hotties!
Four tons of gifts,
three nephews,
two busy bees,
and a big silly guy named Dean.

an embarrassment at work...

Chock full of... bun-y goodness

An all-syrup squishy? Make it happen

Five finger discount

Thank you, come again!

an embarrassment at home...

How to carve a turkey, step 1

How to carve a turkey, step 2

How to carve a turkey, step 3

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