day 115
devil's tower, wyoming

"Hey! Is that a baby buffalo?" -k.
"No, it's a horse." - a
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Why Wyoming?
Nickname: Equality State
A.K.A: Cowboy State
Land Area: 97,105 sq. mi.
Highest Point: Garnett Peak
Height: 13,804 ft.
Population: 479,500
Capital: Cheyenne

Claim to Fame: Alphabetically, the last state. Click here to read our adventures in Alabama, the alphabetical first.

Thriving Metropolis
of the Day
The Geographic Centre of the USA!
Yes, yes, I know two days ago we were at the centre of the USA, but that was before Alaska and Hawaii. This is the new calculation since their arrival.

Or at least as close as you can get. Apparently, the true centre is owned by a grumpy old man who chases people off of his farm with a big stick. So they moved the marker to the nearby town of Belle Fourche, SD. Hey, what's 20 miles between friends?

They've hired this wonderful lady to tell you all about it! If you're ever in or around the middle, stop in and say hi!

Bonnie Dunn

This means something.

re' mi' do' do so...

Too cropped...

Too round...

Too flat...

That's it! That's it!
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We've got mail...

Hi Kevin and Aimee, I'm really sorry that I missed you at the "Center of the Nation", Belle Fourche South Dakota. By the way I showed up later and there was not a drop of coffee to be had. Sounds like the same problem in Hot Coffee, Mississippi!! I just looked at your website and Zelda and I love it!! Great job, we are looking forward to your report on Belle Fourche. You know...John Wayne herded cattle here. If you are bored some night, rent the movie "The Cowboys". O.k. actually he didn't make it here, but he tried real hard. We on the other hand are glad that you did. We'll be following your trail and see you both on the www.
- Teresa Schanzenbach, Director (on a good day)
Belle Fourche SD

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Devil's Tower, WY

Next Stop: Mount Rushmore

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Today's Weather:
Clear, yet Cold

Daily Stats
Closed Hotels:54
Open Hotels:2

Sleeping Quarters
Valley Motel

Room 2. It was the only motel, no, the only form of lodging that was open in all of southwestern South Dakota. The campgrounds, state parks, RV parks, and most of the motels were closed. In fact, we took one of only two rooms the motel was keeping open for the winter. The only other option was to pay 16 bucks to stay in an "RV park" behind a guy's house, with no electricity and we'd have to use his bathroom (he'd leave the back door open for us. Eww.)

Cost: $30.00

In Mel
Somewhere in the Black Mountains
K's Snack:Cheetos Crunchie
A's Snack:Bag of Twizzlers

We abstained from lunch and dinner today to to justify staying in a hotel for the first time.

Mel Takes a Hit!
A trucker flicked a booger at us and it froze before it hit the windshield! Look what it did! Of all the nerve.
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