day 144
twin falls, mostly

"I find this more boring than Kansas, although less boring than Nebraska. You watched a movie through Nebraska." -k.
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State of Boredom:
Nickname: Gem State
Land Area: 82,751 sq. mi.
Population: 1,221,500
Highest Pt.: Borah Peak
Height: 12,662 ft.
Capital: Boise
Largest City: Boise

Claim to Fame: Home to the U.S. Sheep Experimental Area. And not much else.

Mail Laundering Operation
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Contest Time!
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State Movies:
Twin Falls Idaho
Mystery Alaska
Texas Rangers
Happy Texas
Raising Arizona
Crazy in Alabama
Feeling Minnesota
Escape from New York
Mississippi Burning
Kentucky Fried Movie
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Mr. Smith goes to
Indiana Johannes And The
    Temple of Foog

Evel Doers
Jan 17 - Holy frickin' frack what a boring state.

We should have expected it - how exciting can potatoes be? But it's worse when everything's covered in a foot of snow. You can't even see the potatoes. The boredom of driving through this state makes you want to gnaw your own leg off.

We're prepared to be bored at certain points during this trip. I've got the laptop to work on, Kev has his Yahtzee dice, we've got a kajillion cd's. But battling boredom throughout Idaho was something we were entirely unprepared for. Last night, we survived only by stopping early and amusing ourselves at Pickle restaurants.

Today, we've got to make it all the way to Salt Lake City, and we're taking the long way around. Why would we subject ourselves to the long way around? To sightsee. Yup. That's what we do best, even in the worst of times.

Craters Under Snow
The first stop: to actually make our way to theCraters of the Moon National Monument. Yesterday's destination becomes today's destination, because the scale on our map turned out to be a lot smaller than we thought. What took 15 minutes on the Montana page now takes 45 in Idaho.

The only thing open at Craters was the Visitor Center, so we educated ourselves a bit on what the area should look like when it doesn't look like the rest of Idaho - buried under snow.

Kennevel Jump Site
After what seemed like ten hours of grass tufts and two cases of snow blindness, we hit Twin Falls. It was here that our our day began to get a bit more interesting. In Twin Falls we stumbled upon the Evel Kennevel Snake River Canyon jump site! Well, it's actually way off in the distance, but we were in the vicinity. Well, it's actually on private property, so we took a long distance photo. Well, we're not actually sure if this is it. This could just be a mound of dirt. Aaugh! We can't lie to you people!

Do The Trout Dance!
We also stopped off at Balancing Rock. Well, not exactly stopped off. More like drove another 40 miles out of our way to see it. We are nothing if not committed to bringing you the best of America. Consequently enough, Balancing Rock is located just outside the Trout Capital of the World. Nothing like hitting two birds with one stone.

After Balancing Rock (you know our heart's aren't into a day when we you get a play-by-play of the events) we headed back to try to get a closer shot of the Jump Site. As determined as ever, we spent two hours driving down street after street before realizing that we had to move on with our lives and get to Salt Lake City.

If I had to choose the most exciting point of our trip today, it had to be the moment we entered Utah. Woo hoo! Seven states to go!

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Current Location
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Twin Falls, ID

Next Stop: Salt Lake City

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Daily Stats

The Long Cut...
Arco to SLC:240km
Our Route:670km
Via:Twin Falls
Roughly:2.8x Longer

Sleeping Quarters
Amanda's House

We snuggled up with Amanda in Utah. Her mom, Charmane, is an old friend of Kev's from Thunder Bay. Nice to see another Canadian!

Pickle's Place
Arco, ID
K's Order:Scrambled Eggs with Diced Ham & Cheese, Hash Browns, Toast
A's Order:Raisin Oatmeal, Toast
On the Road
Twin Falls, ID
Charmane's House
Salt Lake City

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