Holy frickin' frack! We're up to...
day 150
four corners

"My only hope is that the sound of Mel vibrating is louder than your music." -k.
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Four Play:
To the NW: Utah
To the NE: Colorado
To the SW: Arizona
To the SE: New Mexico

Claim to Fame: The only place in America where you can put your left hand in one state, your right hand in another state, your left foot in a third state, your right foot in a fourth state, and still look like a complete doofus.

Mordor Lookalike
of the Day

Mel's Balancing Act!

Mel's been bouncing around a bit lately, so we thought we'd bring him in for a check-up before entering New Mexico. We trusted our instincts and pulled into Big-O Tires for their Rotate & Balance Special. Roger and friends fixed us up for a low, low price.

Mel's still shaking a bit, but what do you expect from a jeep who's now 278,256km old? He's so old he's probably just got carthritis. HAHAHAHAHA.

Only 5, no, 4 More States To Go!

Point of Interest
Jan 23 - If all of the United States were assembled this well, we could have finished this trip in twelve days! Instead, here we are, still kicking around the country at day 150.

shake it all about...

Left hand

Right hand

Left foot

Right foot
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Four Corners

Next Stop: Santa Fe

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Today's Weather:

Daily Stats
Gas: $12.50
Tire Balance:$29.99
Admission: $4.00

Sleeping Quarters
Hyde Mem. State Park

Here we are in New Mexico, and it's one of the coldest nights of our life. What's a guy gotta to to get warm in January these days? We slept better in North Dakota!

Cost: Nothing

Motel Room
Budget 6, Cortez
Kevin:Apple Oatmeal
Aimee:Maple Oatmeal
On the Road
Highway 550
Kevin:Jam Sandwich
Aimee:PBJ Sandwich
Cafe Oasis
Santa Fe, NM
K's Order:Caramel Apple Cider
A's Order:Organic Coffee
Split:Crab Spring Rolls

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