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"I forgot my jacket. Oh, I don't have a jacket." - Len.
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Going, Going, Gone.

All Play, No Work!

So we woke up in paradise this morning and thought, wow. Then we thought about all of our friends in Canada who are still battling the chill. Heck, we even thought of Jeff and Vilma in Key West, who are quite a bit north from here. It might even be chilly there...

...and that was the last unselfish thought we had of the day. After that we were too engrossed in the Playboy mansion to really care about anything else.

We spent the day in idle leisure, drinking cheap Mexican beer and swimming back and forth between the outside swimming pool and the inside swimming pool.


Paradise Found...

to the den...

The front door

The surfer decor

A bright kitchen

The party house bar

to the roof...

House with a view

Room with a view

Roof with a view

What a view!

to the pool...

Get ready

First the head

Almost through

Made it
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Nuestro Sitio Ahora
Gringo John's

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El Tiempo:

Las Estadísticas
Driven By: Dad
Gasolina: On Dad

Drank Coronas:1 hr
Read Books:3 hrs
Swam: 2 hrs
Sat in Hammock: 3 hrs
Where does the day go?

The Roof

We're starting to get used to this hammock thing. We woke up this morning to see the sun rising over the haze of the ocean. We gently swung ourselves out of bed and strolled downstairs to see what was for breakfast!

Gringo John's
Caleta de Campo
The Gang:Len's Pancakes, Bacon, Coffee
Gringo John's
Caleta de Campo
The Gang:Camerones & Tortillas
Gringo John's
Caleta de Campo
The Gang:Shrimp Salad, Chorizo & Oaxaca Cheese Quesadilla

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