day 172
the grand canyon, arizona

"I'm no fan of nougat." -a.
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Rim to River:
Land Area: 4,931 sq. km
Length: 466 km
Width: 16 km
Rim to River: 1,524 m

Claim to Fame: If you're looking to raft down the Colorado River, that'll take two weeks of strenuous paddling. But that's not the hardest part. There's a 20 year waiting period for a permit to be allowed to do it! Yipes!

It Was Either This or The Highway
A Fast Turnaround:
It's on the way to the Grand Canyon. It's got a volcano. But we are convinced that this park has the largest number of turn-arounds of any National Park in the country.

Like everyone else we saw, we drove in, snapped a shot of the volcano, and left. Not without using our National Parks Pass, of course!

I Want One!
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A Grand Old Age!
Happy 57th to my Dad! Celebrate with a feast for a king!
Tell that man to stop
carving turkeys!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Sugar is Sweet,
And Canyons are Big.

scenic my way...

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Did you get one?
Mel sent all of his sweethearts a very special Valentine today! Hope you got yours. These people did...

Mel's got mail...

You guys are too much!!! Happy Valentines Day to you too mel!!!
- Mark, New York NY
Hey you guys,
Just got the valentine from Mel. Too funny. Didn't actually know who sent it at first. I was going to curse if it was some internet porno virus or something. Anyway, Happy Freakin' Hearts Day. I hate this day. Boo!
- Colin, Thunder Bay ON
How could we forget you! Big Oily Hugs & Gas Kisses!
- The Gang, Thunder Bay ON
Thanks for the Valentine's card! Funny as heck. A Late Happy Valentine's Day goes out to you from here on Grand Manan Island! And remember to look out for the potholes along the path.
- Shayler, Grand Manan NB
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Mel. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you (and your friends)
- Morelia, MX
Hey there,
Very cute. At first, I was like, who's Mel but when I opened the email card I knew at once. Thanks.
- Cindy, New Orleans LA

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Grand Canyon

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Sleeping Quarters
Mather Campground

Site 300. There's snow on the ground here. I don't think we're mentally prepared to sleep in the snow yet. Shiver. reat night's sleep. I also think that our propane tank doesn't like this higher elevation. While making Kraft Dinner for our Valentine's Meal, the flames suddenly jumped to about three feet. Good think the noodles were done!

Cost: $10.00

Dead Horse Ranch S.P.
K's Order:Apple Oatmeal
A's Order:Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal
Miz Zip's
Sedona, AZ
K's Order:Zip Burger, Fries
A's Order:Grilled Ham & Cheese, Soup
Grand Canyon
Lovingly Shared:Flame-Broiled Kraft Dinner

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