day 174
zion national park

"Now that's the kind of place you'd expect to find the founder of Quickee Mart." -k.
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Zippity Zion:
Founded: 1909
Land Area: 229 sq. mi.
Name Means: Peace and Refuge

Claim to Fame: Zion contains what may be the world's largest arch. Kolob Arch spans 310 feet.

Olympic Fan of the Day
The Running Man:
Oh man, this photo cracks me up. It'll go in the greatest hits album for sure!

The story behind it:
We had just stopped off at the Chainsaw Bears house to take a couple of shots and then we spotted the speedometer. Still riled up from looking at carved Poohs, Kev took off at a run to try to break the speed limit.

He came close, too.
Hoodoo? You Do!
A hoodoo is a weird, iron capped rock resembling an enormous mushroom. They're seen everywhere throughout Zion, but I don't happen to have a photo to show you. Sorry.

The Last Word In National Parks
Feb 16 - Do you ever go see a movie that everyone has just raved about, only to find it falls short of your expectations? Then, the next week (cheap Tuesday, probably), you pop into one you've never really heard of, and it turns out to be one of your new favourites? That's kinda like the Grand Canyon and Zion.

When we went to the Grand Canyon, it was very nice. The views were beautiful, but I'd heard too much about them. Everyone tells me I'm supposed to be starstruck and begin contemplating the meaning of life the moment I see the canyon. Well, anyone who knows me knows that I don't like doing what other people tell me to. So even though I tried to be awestruck, I just couldn't muster up the feeling. And I feel badly about this.

Ooh? or Aah?

It's the old adage of overpromise-underdeliver. When someone says, "Holy Frickin' Frack! Grand Canyon is the Grandest of Canyons! You shall see none grander!" then you're bound to go in with the attitude of, "Well, this better be pretty frickin' grand or I ain't paying." It's that whole "impress me" attitude going in that diminishes the return. However, when someone says to you, "Oh, by the way, when you're around the Grand Canyon, you might as well pop into Zion. It's kinda neat too," Zion is rated lower going in, and therefore exceeds those expectations.

I'm not saying that you should skip the Grand Canyon. That would be like never seeing an Oscar-winning movie just because others like it so much. You'd be only cheating yourself. Of course, I didn't much care for Pulp Fiction, but again, that's just me.

But what I am saying is that when you're done with the Grand Canyon and all it's majesty, take a jaunt on over to Zion National Park. You'll be so pleasantly surprised that you'll find yourself saying "Wow! Look at that!" much more here than you did at the Grandest of Canyons.

Of course, what is this write up doing for you? Here we are, downplaying the Grand Canyon, and making Zion seem like the phattest homey in the hood. Now when you head to Zion on our word, you'll say, "I don't get why they thought this was so neat," and the Grand Canyon will have you peeing in your pants.

Hmmm... perhaps that was our intention all along? Perhaps we're more clever than we thought. Maybe we're just messing with your heads.

I guess you'll just have to go to both to find out.

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Zion Entry Fee:$20.00
Total Savings:$159.00

Sleeping Quarters
Watchman Campground

Site B2. Someone was kind enough to leave a big pile of brush right there in our fire pit. Consequently enough, we're still carrying wood around that we've had since Florida. Voila! A fire! The first in months.

Cost: $14.00

Grand Canyon
Kevin:Apple Oatmeal
Aimee:Cinnamon Oatmeal
Zion National Park
Shared:Grilled Veggie Tortillas

This is what happens when you heat tortillas on an open fire.

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