day 176
vegas: the romance

"Hey, that motel's not too bad...
only $26. Oh wait, that's the rate for
two hours." -k.
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Honeymoon Suite of the Day
A Closer Look At...
Fremont Street

Today we take our first closer look at the casinos of Vegas. We start where it all began: Fremont Street. We're talking old-time neon and cheap daquiris. You won't find the tuxedos and the showgirls here, but you'll find a quieter kind of glamour from days gone by.

Margarita: $.99
Shrimp Cocktail: $.99
Topless Dancer: $.99

The Floor

I Don't
Feb 18 - Dave and Mary Lingman, Frank and Susan Beimers are not proud to announce the non-wedding of their children, Amelia and Kevin, in Las Vegas on the 176th Day of their Road Trip Across America.

You are cordially not invited to attend no ceremony, which will not take place in a small chapel on the strip, with Elvis, Spock and a gladiator not attending.

Amelia will not wear a beautiful off-white floor-length gown, with lace trim. She also will not carry a bouquet of red roses, and will not throw said non-existent bouquet at the crowds after the newly non-wedded couple don't say their vows to the cheers of the nonlookers.

Kevin will not wear a black tuxedo, with tails. He won't cry when he sees Amelia notwalking down the aisle, nor will he fumble any of his vows. His brother will not catch the garter after pushing two small children and a handicapped uncle out of the way.

People who suggested/ suspected we'd get married in Vegas:
1. Deb & Adam (NY)
2. Heather (NY)
3. Karen (Ottawa)
4. Kev's Mom (TBay)
5. Aim's Dad (TBay)
6. Cliff (TBay)
7. Jen & John (PA)
At the reception afterwards, which won't occur, the couple won't thank any of their friends and family for attending, because there will be no one there. Amelia and Kevin will enjoy their first dance as a non-married couple, under the Stardust Casino sign, to the tune of Autumn Leaves sung personally by Wayne Newton. Nor will anyone be forced to dance to I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock And Roll, Stuck In The Middle With You, or The Birddance, since no DJ has been hire for the event.

The Master Of Ceremonies will not be Mike Lamers or Colin Hayashi.

At the end of the evening, the happily non-married couple will retire to their local casino and spend the $29.99 that they would have spent on a wedding, had they had one, on Piggly Wiggly Slots. They love the Piggly Wiggly!

If you cannot attend this non-event, please NRPSVPASAP.
(Ne Respondez Pas, S'il Vous Plait, As Soon As Possible)

We will take your lack of response as a sign that you understand that we did not get married in Vegas, even though we've heard the rumors circulating that we were thinking about doing so.

Please don't send presents. Actually, send presents. What the heck.

goin' to the chapel...

Too Corny

Too Cliche

Too Crowded

Too Stupid
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We've got vegas advice...

As for Vegas... We both agreed the 30 million $ fountain show that runs every half hour after dark at the Belagio was AWESOME!!! The live Pirate battle at Treasure Island was awesome as well. You have to go see NY NY just becaue you have too.... and the food at the Top of the Stratosphere Tower was the best Meal of my life... NO KIDDING... It however, also cost more than the Hotel did for 4 nights.(there is also a dress code to be cautious of)... but it seriously was worth it for the Prime Rib.

The Buffet at the Imperial was good in a different kind of way.... all you can eat Shrimp Crablegs and Prime rib (and lots of other stuff) for $8.95 .... and it was all goooood food.

Let me know if you want to know any other stuff from an Old Pro at Vegas Hot spots.....
- Mike, Thunder Bay ON

After you get in touch with your inner self at the Grand Canyon, fry your nerves in Las Vegas! For your website the 3 things you need to document and compare while in each casino are...

1. Faux painted sky celings (every place has one somewhere)
2. Carpet patterns (the most heinous designs keep you looking at slot machines instead)
3. Cocktail waitress outfits (in three words, UGLY!)

Be careful not to photograph in the casino areas though, they want to protect their clientelle. Ask the waitresses to step aside for a photo with Kev. Also knock on every surface to see if it's real.(even people) Have a great time and don't lose your shirts, and when you leave burn your eyes out with hot pokers.
- Jon, Hellertown PA

Vegas? One tip...
GREEN 00!!!!!!!!
- Greg, New York NY

Well it never came to me that you two would get hitched in Vegas. But good idea. When are you two gonna become honest, and finally make it official? May as well. Want a cheap wedding, besides Vegas? Join the LDS church, and its all free. Except the dress, tux, and reception food.
- Nolan, Calgary AB

me too! i thought youd just go through the motions of getting married to say you got married at a drive through marriage place...
- Dean, Thunder Bay ON

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Old Las Vegas

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Pacific Sun

Gambling Gambits
Slots: Jacks Poker
Biggest Win:60 coins
Won With:1 coins
Hand:Four of a Kind

Gas: None!

Valley of Fire State Park
K's Order:Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal
A's Order:Honey & Nut Oatmeal
Paradise Casino
Fremont St.
Both:Lunch Buffet
Cost:$6.49 each

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