day 198
suburban seattle

"We've got just enough time to make it to the car before
it starts raining again." -k.
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Malls of America:
Supermall of the Great Northwest: We don't know what was so great about it. It's only redeeming factor was a fairly puny Wal-Mart with really nice employees.

Southcenter Mall: Our first Best-Buy/Barnes & Noble combo. The combined are of this mall is larger than our hometown of Thunder Bay. Every name brand in America has staked a claim here.

Seatec Mall: Our final resting spot for the evening. It's also got the coveted Barnes & Noble that allows us to work indoors, instead of cramped in a wet jeep. But we had to wait two hours for a group to leave the only table near a wall plug for the laptop. We're nothing if not dedicated to our work.

Yes, It Is

Rainy Day Respite...
It's raining buckets outside so we decided to run as many errands as we could today. Like the average human, we hate errands, but spurned by the idea that we only have two more days in the USA, we decided to make a few only-in-America purchases. Kev wisely bought a few books since the price rises dramatically once we enter the land of the loonie. Aim bought her new glasses and new bathing suit bottoms for Australia (apparently you don't need the other half over there.)

We started to leave the malls when we realized our campground offered us nothing but rain, rain and more rain. An evening spent in a cramped jeep with soaking wet sleeping bags didn't appeal to us. So it was back to the Barnes & Noble, the cheap man's entertainment center. We've been reading magazines and books for the past five hours! Kev's even a third of the way through the new Terry Pratchett book.

No one's kicked us out yet, so I think we'll be here until it stops raining. Or the store closes.

Two days to go!

March 12 - Some of you may have been curious about this photo of Kevin. The shot I so artfully captured is not one of the tent imploding on Kevin, nor is it a picture of a man who has fallen asleep while doing his daily duties. What he's doing is attempting to rescue my glasses that I've failed to remove from the tent. You see, every night, I put my glasses in the little pocket above my head and every morning, I remember to take them out and put them on my face. My track record's pretty good with this. But sometimes I forget. The last time I forgot, my glasses remained rolled up in the tent until that night.

I'm not exactly what you would call "careful" about my glasses. As a matter of fact, I don't think I'd be described as "careful" or "cautious" about much of anything, let alone my glasses.

Because of this lack of regard for my own personal belongings, every year or so I need a new pair. Preferably something different than what I had last time, because not only am I generally careless, but I also get bored with looking at the same face in the mirror everyday.


At this point, I'm beyond needing a new pair of glasses. My current pair is so scratched up that even when I clean our windsheild, I think it's still speckled with bugs. Held in one light, the lenses look merely blurry. Held in another, they're an intricate spiderweb of cracks and scratches. The frames are also bent so that the glasses are much closer to my left eye than my right. I'm sure that this can't be good for my vision.

Why have I waited so long to replace them? We've been on the road, for one thing. The other is that my doctor's office is like the bermuda triangle coupled with Hurricane Andrew. Going into the office is like entering a three-ring circus where you're expected to participate. It's a family business - the Rubensteins - and their myriad of loud assistants who alternate between helping you, yelling at the doctors, and giving you free stuff. All of this at a high-speed, mixed with three Jewish doctors all yelling right back at their assistants. The typical visit can last more than three hours. And that's just to get your glasses adjusted!

Needless to say, I like to give my eye care professionals their space. Being on the exact other side of the country should be enough. Ordering my new glasses, the optometrist in Seattle acted as though it would be no problem for her to call my doctor in New York and get my prescription. Hah! How naive. I gave her the number, then watched her make the call. She got off the phone about a half-hour later looking very confused. But she got the prescription! That's better than I could have done. Because of her bravery, I've got my new pair of glasses. I feel like I've been squeegied back to life!

Now I'm in the honeymoon stage with these glam glasses. For the next few months, there's a chance that I'll actually use the case they came with, rub them with the "special" cloth, and not fall asleep with them on. I'll even try not to toss them in the sand when I go swimming. This is my definition of real love.

But sadly, it won't last forever. I'm like a little boy with a new Tamagochi. The first few days are magical and that little electronic pet is fed and loved overtime. Then, slowly, the boy gets fed up with the constant attention it craves and it ends up getting traded in the school yard for a couple of Pokemon cards. By the time we get to Australia, these puppies will have worn out their welcome and I'll be seeing the world through scratch-coloured glasses once again.

But until then, it's going to be a beautiful relationship.

double vision...

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Sleeping Quarters
Dash Point State Park

We are not happy. It's rained three frickin' nights in a frickin' row. Argh. We even tried to hunt down the KOA to find a Kozy Kabin. They didn't have any. Finally, we snuck into a state park later than we should have, and the host took pity on us and let us stay. What a kind soul.

Cost: $13.00

Kitsap S.P.
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Southcenter Mall
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Barnes & Noble
Seatac Mall

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