day 37
delaware (all of it)

"It looks like he stuck his thumb up Kermit the Frog's butt." -k.
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Nickname: Diamond State
Land Area: 1,955 sq. mi.
Highest Pt.: 448 ft.
Population: 736,900
Capital: Dover
Largest City: Wilmington

Motto: The First State
For Us: The Tenth State

Claim to Fame:
The Lowest Highest Point!

Mixed Message of the Day
Highest Points Visited So Far:
1. Mount Katahdin, MA
(5267 ft)
2. Mount Washington, NH
(6288 ft)
3. Mount Mansfield, VT
(4393 ft)
4. Ebright Road, DE
(448 ft)
Highest Points We've Missed:
1. Mount Greylock, ME
(3487 ft)
2. Mount Marcy, NY
(5344 ft)
3. Jerimoth Hill, RI
(812 ft)
4. Mount Frissell, CT
(2380 ft)
5. High Point, NJ
(1803 ft)
6. Mount Davis, PA
(3213 ft)
*This photo was actually taken in Maryland. Delaware was so small that we couldn't find enough things to take photos of.

The Lowest Highest Point
Oct 2 - Here's a trivia question you can ask your friends: Which state has the lowest highest point? They'll probably ask: The Lowest Highest Point? What do you mean? To which you should answer: The Lowest Highest Point. Which state has it? Then your friend will think for a moment, probably mouth the words: lowest... highest... point? Which state... what? I still don't get it. You just smile, they get flustered. It's a fun game.

The answer is Delaware.

Get yourself a hold of the Moxy Fruvous Live Album and you'll see what we mean. The best part of their concerts are the banter between song, and the fact that they make up half the show spur of the moment. On the live album, they ask the audience which state has the lowest highest point.

They toss it around for a while, the audience shouts out every state in the country. Some idiot yells "Colorado!" to which they respond that if the state's main industry is skiing, it's probably not the right answer. The chatter goes on for about 10 minutes, then they launch into another song. Go buy the album. It's worth it.

And so, with an earth-shattering, scale-tipping, vertigo-causing 447.85 feet, we proudly present Delaware's highest point. Or, at least the closest thing we could find to it. (We're sure that rock Kevin is standing on puts him well over the whopping 450 foot mark).

The Plaque: Ebright Azimuth The highest bench mark monument in Delaware is located on Ebright Road. This horizontal control mark denoted an elevation of 447.85 ft. above sea level. The Delaware Geological Survey through its relationship with the National Geodetic Survey has determined that this bench mark monument is in the vicinity of the highest natural elevation in the state.

By the way, at the foot of the Ebright Plaque, there was a small flag that read "Climbed in memory of [somebody]." I know it's mean to laugh at something like that, but it seemed pretty darn funny at the time. It's not like it was much of a climb.

And there you have it. The Lowest Highest Point in the United States. Now, where's that Highest Lowest point....?

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Our Apologies...

great site. but one thing to point out. Delaware is not the lowest high point state (as you point out in Day 37). Florida has a lower high point (see Day 90).

I have known that Delaware has the SECOND lowest high point for a long time, since i am from there (lived about mile from Ebright Road.
- Christopher, Somewhere in CA

We've got mail...

Found your card at the highest point in De, will put your card in my visitors book, sorry I missed you, I try to go out when I see someone, Hope you had a great trip!
- Doreen, New Castle County DE

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