day 57
back across illinois

"People are going to love this game. It's a classic." -a.
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But you already heard about Illinois on day 54 so here's...

Wowee Wisconsin:
Nickname: Badger State
Land Area: 54,314 sq.mi.
High Point: Timms Hill
Height: 1951 ft
Population: 5,224,500
Capital: Madison
Largest City: Milwaukee

Claim to Fame: It's not Illinois.

Equal Opportunity Employer of the Day
Today's Pocket Farkel Score:

Winner: Kevin, because Aimee dropped one of the dice under the seat.
Which One Is Ickier?

Eww! A big fuzzy bathroom spider, or an evil yellow stripey spider? Which one would you rather dangle in front of Aimee? Tell her!
What is it?

Do you know?
Because we sure don't. If you think you can help us, help us now, before we go out of our minds!

Where's Dorko? (and other contests)
Oct 22 - Hey Kiddies! Kevin is hiding somewhere in the pictures below! Can you find him? Click on him if you know where he is!

Let's start with an easy one...

Nice job! Now try this one...

Uh oh, this one's a little harder...

Oh no! Where could he be now? This one's a real toughie!

Wowie Zowie! Thanks for a great game! See you in St. Louis!

Did you like this game? This was a test of a brand new concept for our site, and if you found it entertaining, please tell us so we can play it again during upcoming uninteresting drives. We appreciate your comments.

If we don't respond right away, it means we are currently assisting other customers. Please stay on the line, because your comments are important to us. Have a nice day.

who says south illinois is boring?

It's all about location...

The world's tiniest WalMart

What a deal!

You'll see Crushasaurus at the upcoming Monster Truck rally, no doubt
more photos in the archive...

We've got mail...

I would really love to dangle the evil yellow stripey spider in front of you Aimee, because it just looks so menacing with his/her hooked legs and camoflauged design. His body shell looks pretty tough to squash too. Anything to make Aimee scream louder!! :)
- Dan, Thunder Bay ON

Well, I guess I won't be showing that one to my mom. Great picture you got of me eating the pizza. Sneaky. I'm impressed. I'm all for more Dorko. Reminds me of "How not to be seen" Looking forward to reading of your New Orleans adventures.
- Jon, Chicago IL
from Day 55

Oh yeah, the Dorko game is great. After all, remember what that guy said on Day One I think it was..... There is a lot of boring landscape in USA.
- Cindy, Bemidji MN

Well that was entertaining for about 23 1/2 seconds. Keep up the great work!
By the way, can't say as I'm a fan of spiders in the least. I think big fuzzy bathroom spiders would be ikier than yellow stripey ones so I'll go with the latter... lesser of two evils....
- Kippy, Ottawa ON

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Somewhere in South Illinois

Next Stop: St. Louis

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Today's Weather:
Nice enough

Daily Stats

Mel vs. The Odyssey...
Final Destination:West Coast
Final Destination:Mars

Length of Trip:57 days
Length of Trip:6 months

Distance:13,332 miles
Distance:300,000,000 miles

Lost:Many Times
Lost:Not Yet

Sleeping Quarters
Pere Marquette State Park

Site 26. It's pretty mainstream. Seems to be built for RVs, so our tent looks a little out of place in our little parking spot. Mind you, it's a nice area, and a pretty drive to get here.

Cost: $11.00

Lieber State Park
Shared:Kraft Dinner!
On the Road
Route 40
K & A:Sharp Cheddar & Jalapeno chips
Ding Dongs
Super Giant DQ Blizzards
Pere Marquette
Cooked:Campfire Pretzel Catfish with Cajun Rice (Recipes Below)

Recipe for Campfire Pretzel Catfish
A 1.5lb Catfish Fillet
1 Man-sized handful of
   Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks
Country Time Raspberry
   Ice Tea Mix
Orange Juice
Cajun Spice
Garlic Salt

1. Light the fire.
2. Put the Pretzel Sticks into a Ziploc bag. Crush them using the Country Time container.
3. Add to the Ziploc a spoonful of Ice Tea mix, a half spoonful of cajun spice and a half spoonful of garlic salt. Shake it up.
4. Cut catfish fillet into a few pieces.
5. Douse catfish in orange juice, then throw it into the Ziploc and go Shake-n-Bake on it.
6. Toss catfish on grill. After first flip, pour rest of Ziploc contents onto top side.
7. Serve on bed of Cajun Rice (below). Dee-lish!

Recipe for Cajun Rice
Minute Rice
Cajun spice
Worchestershire sauce
8 dried apricots

1. Cook Rice.
2. Add lots of Cajun spice.
3. Add lots of Worchestershire sauce.
4. Dice up dried apricots. Toss them in.
5. Let stand for one (1) day.

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