day 67
to disney, and beyond!

"Okay, I just don't want to get there at 4 in the morning."
- Cindy, at noon, with only 400 miles to go.
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Pensacola Beach:
Sand: White
Water: Warm
Waves: High
Us: Wet

Lesson Learned: You may think that a stop at the beach on a 12-hour drive will wake you up and give you a refreshing break. This is incorrect. A swim in the ocean will make you dog tired and cause you to fall asleep two hours later.

The Return of Wilson
Cindy & Carl's Disney Essentials:
1. New Running Shoes
2. 6 Rolls of Film
3. Clean Sheets
4. Pillowcases
5. Marshmallows
6. Sunblock
7. Clean Underwear
8. Baseball Cap
9. Vitamins
10. Disney Research Files
Aim & Kev's Disney Essentials:
1. 24 Coffee Crisps
2. Cleaner Clothes

Twas the Day Before Disney...
...and all through Carl's dive
All the people were packing
for the day's long-ass drive.

Our stuff in the jeep,
packed in great disarray,
'Cuz we'll be in Orlando
by the end of the day!

They finished their porridge, told next door about mail,
"Let's get going! Let's hurry!" we heard Cindy wail.
We hopped in our Jeep and they got in their Blazer,
We hit highway 10 and sped off like a laser.

We passed Alabama, we passed Mississippi
We ate something snacky and drank something drippy.
Our engine spun fast like a brand new Victrola,
And before we could say it, we'd hit Pensacola.

"Let's stop here," said Carl, "I've heard beaches are nice here,
I've wanted to come to the beach more than twice here."
"We're stopping?!" said Cindy, in tones of great shock,
"Just as long as we're there by 11 o'clock."

"Don't worry," said Kev, "We've got hour upon hour,
Besides, look at this sand! It's so white! It's like flour!"
"I guess so," she answered, "but the faster we soar,
the faster I'll get to meet Pooh and Eeyore!"

We splashed in the waves and we walked in the sand,
We ate hot dogs and burgers and fries from a stand,
The sun was so hot Kevin took off his shirt
and his belly would shake like a bowl of yogurt.

We stayed for a spell, soon the time came for leavin':
"On Cindy! On Carl! On Aimee and Keevin!
To the lot where we parked! Take a left at the mall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

We drove down the coast 'til it got really boring,
cut back up to the 10, got our engines a-roaring,
Through Jacksonville (after we'd hit Tallahassee)
We were thinking of stopping for foodies and gassy.

A stop in Lake City for steak, shakes and fries,
And zoom, off we went on I-75,
We were driving in dark, which we don't often do
(But you know you can't argue when Cindy wants Pooh.)

We got to the campground with minutes to spare,
But nothing to worry, the key was still there.
We unpacked our suitcase from Mel's roomy trunk
and collapsed in our beds (Aimee got the top bunk).

We drifted to sleep very fast in those beds,
While visions of Mickey Mouse danced in our heads
And the dreams turned to nightmares as Kevin recalled...

canadians go swimming...




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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Pensacola Beach

Next Stop: Disney World!

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Today's Weather:
Beachy Keen

Daily Stats
Gas: $35.00
Time Left:7:30am
Time Arrived: 10:30pm
Normally Takes:11hrs
Took Us: 15hrs

Sleeping Quarters
Kissimee KOA

Tonight we got comfy in our KOA Kozy Kabin. First decision: who gets the bunks and who gets the double. Cindy lures us with cold hard cash and we give in like the cheapies we are. The bunks for us.

Cost: $39.95/night


Gibbonses House
New Orleans
Kevin:Lucky Charms

Pensacola Beach
Kevin:2 Bacon Cheeseburgers
Aimee:Hot Dog, Fries
Carl:Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries
Cindy:Hot Dog, Fries, Smoothie

Steak n' Shake
Lake City
Kevin:Steak n' Shake (Strawberry)
Carl:Chili Pasta
Cindy:Grilled Chicken Sandwich

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