day 68
magic kingdom

"I'm going to try to look past the excesses of America today,
and just concentrate on having fun." -a.
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Magic Kingdom:
Attractions: 50
Conquered: 27
Closed: 3
Not worth our time: 4

Avg line length: 6 Minutes
Avg ride length: 3 Minutes
Fast Pass Used: 0

Cynicism Factor: 4 out of 10

Best Ride:
Space Mountain

Worst Ride:
Astro Orbiter
Magic Kingdom Rides and Ratings:

 Space Mountain (x2)
 Splash Mountain (x4)
 Big Thunder Mtn. (x2)
 Mad Tea Party (x2)
 Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin*

 Jungle Cruise
 Pirates of the Caribbean
 Haunted Mansion
 Peter Pan's Flight
 Cinderella's Celebration
 Mickey's Country House
 Minnie's Country House
 Hall of Fame Tent
 Judge's Tent
 Minnie's Country House

 Shootin' Arcade
 Swiss Family Treehouse
 Aladdin's Magic Carpets
 Tomorrowland Arcade
 Snow White's Scary Adventures

 It's a Small World
 Legend of the Lion King
 Indy Speedway
 ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter
 Astro Orbiter
*Buzz's Biggest Scores:
   Carl: 169700
   Cindy: 58600
   Aimee: 7100

Buzz's Littlest Score:
   Kevin: 2700
(but Kev says his button was broken. Sure, Kev.)

Magically Delicious
Disney, Day One: About a year back I noticed something interesting. Banks now have Disney Savings Accounts. It works like a college trust fund, where you can save up your money to one day take your kids to Disney World. Or Disney Land. Or Disney Tokyo. Or Euro Disney. Or Lunar Disney (is that built yet?). You have to applaud the success of a Theme Park when they are able to make people start saving their money years before they even have children.

When you start getting close to Disney, the billboards start to appear displaying all the wonder and magic that is Mickey. (Actually, more billboards are for Universal Studios, because they already know what your really visiting Orlando for, but you get the idea.)

By the time you actually get to the gates and fork over your cash, you're beginning to wonder if it's all worth it. Unless of course you're one of those Disney-freaks who owns every movie, even Pocahontas, and squeals with delight whenever you see anything with ears. If you're that type, your excitement will have reached a new plateau and you'll be peeing your pants upon seeing a picture of Dopey next to your parking space.

It's a Creepy World After All. How creepy, you ask?
Click here for the tour.
The rest of us, however, have to fight off the lingering doubt that we've been sucked into an overpriced, heavily commercialized scam and maybe we should just go buy some swampland instead.

But have no fear. Once you enter the Magic Kingdom, the kid in you will take over. There's Cinderella's Castle, glowing in the sunshine. There's the Teacups, your favourite ride as a kid (or if you're Aimee, your favourite ride now). And there's Mickey, posing with dozens of smiling kids. Commercialism aside, this is what it's all about. Watching the glow on the faces of the children as they see Tigger for the first time. They don't know it's a guy in a fuzzy suit, getting paid $12.50 an hour. At Disney World, everything is just the way is appears to be: magical.

And do they ever do a fine job at appearances. I wouldn't say any of their rides could be described as "thrilling", but the setup is wicked. For example, the haunted house isn't scary, but it's beautifully designed. If you're looking for 300 foot vertical drops or upside down excitement, your best bet is Six Flags. If it's magic you want, you're in the right place.

Just make sure you bring your own food in. Nothing will bring your cynicism back faster than a $4.00 Coke.

Whatever Happened to Mr. Toad?
Looks like Mr. Toad got the pink slip. There's just no appreciation for the classics anymore. Why, I remember back in the day, you'd get in that little jalopy and drive through the Wind in the Willows. Sigh. Kids these days just don't know what's good for 'em.

kingdom for a day...

I've got a Mickey of Vodka in the Drawer

Zippa-De Do Da

Sit n' Spin

Carl's Ready for the Gong Show

As Fun as it Gets

Conspiring Villians

Overcome with Minnie

Dream Come True
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Today's Park:
Magic Kingdom

Tomorrow: Animal Kingdom

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Today's Weather:
Happy, then Grumpy

Disney Stats
Getting there...
Wrong Exits:3
Fault:Carl, Cindy

At the park...
Angry Dads:1

Kevin: 5 Carl: 2
Aimee: 3 Cindy: 2

Don't know what a point is?
It couldn't be simpler: whenever someone spots a big ol' cleft of cleavage, they get a point! Play at home!

Sleeping Quarters

Site 509. Found a piece of mouse turd in the cabin today. Could Mickey have been here?


Waffle House
Kissimee, next to the KOA
Kevin:Strawberry Waffle, Eggs, Bacon
Aimee:Onion & Cheese Hashbrowns, Coffee
Carl:Eggs, Bacon, Covered Hashbrowns
Cindy:Blueberry Waffle, Bacon

Main Street
Magic Kingdom
Brought:PBJ Sandwiches, Coffee Crisps, Cheeze & Crackers

Kissimee, Route 192
Kevin:All-American Bacon Cheeseburger, Chili
Aimee:Ultimate Grilled Cheese, Bk Potato
Carl:Cheeseburger, Fries
Cindy:Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Salad

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