day 7
hampton beach, new hampshire

"It's a bit too cold out to get good asses." -a.
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Beach Bests:
Best Shirt: Dept. of Corrections 087503
Best Hair: Braided Beard
Best Suit: Speedo on Grandad
Best Idea: Buying a $3 Kite
Best Snack: Lay's Gourmet Jalapeno and Sharp Cheddar

Claim to Fame: Fry Dough on every corner!

Tanned Couple of the Day
Things learned about a girl on the beach thanks to an inquisitive child:
1. Her name is Karen.
2. She has no brothers.
3. She has four cats.
4. She has lots of friends named Jen.
5. She has no carpet.
6. She has a glass door.
7. She has no stairs in her house.
8. She is 28 years old.
9. Most of her friends named Jen are also 28.

Support Your Local Metal Detector Guy
Toss some change on the beach when you leave.

Holiday in the Hamptons
Sept 2 - By "The Hamptons," we of course mean North Hampton, Center Hampton, Hampton, and Hampton beach. New Hampshire has a clearly unimaginative way of identically naming all of the cities in a certain radius.

I must say, Hampton Beach was one of the damn coldest ocean beaches I've ever had the pleasure of wearing a sweater at. When the sun was out, it fooled your brain enough to get you to take your shirt off for a while, and the UV was probably just as strong unless the rays are affected by 40-50 mph winds. So technically, some people out there may have swung a tan. Though not the one I saw in a full windbreaker track suit, hood included.

But, cold or no cold, there was sun, and it is a beach, so that means...

Hold on to your buns, cuz it's time for...
The Annual Labour Day Weekend Sweet Ass Competition!
That's right, fellow ass-lookers, we've photographed some beauties for you and put 'em on the web, so you don't get caught gawking at the real thing. Lord knows that's happened to the best of us! Ahaha. So, since we can't possibly decide who's ass is the be-all end-all ass of the summer, we decided to let you pick! Vote now!
The votes are in, the results are on day 33. So stop voting already!

adventure at the beach...


Run for your life! He's... he's HUGE!

Aimee, you create a distraction...

I'll pull the string when he's over the target. We're saved!
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Hampton Beach

Next Stop: Vermont

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Today's Weather:
Ahhh sun. We know you well.

Daily Stats

Sleeping Quarters
Monadnock State Park

It's big, it's cheap and it's great to stay in the same spot for more than one night.

Cost: $12.00

Rusty Bucket
K's Order:Steak n' Egg Special
Same Great Coffee
A's Order:Western Omelette
Amazing Coffee
Note: Breakfast was the only meal we ate today. But it was damn good.

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