day 71
mgm studios

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MGM Studios:
Attractions: 19
Conquered: 11
Closed: 2
Not worth our time: 4

Avg line length: 25 Minutes
Avg ride length: 8 Minutes
Fast Pass Used: 3

Cynicism Factor: 5 out of 10

Best Ride:
Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

Worst Ride:
Star Tours
MGM Studios Rides and Ratings:

 Rock'n'Roller Coaster
 Muppetvision 3D
 Hunchback Musical
 Backlot Tour
 Tower of Terror
 Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

 Millionaire Play It!

 The Great Movie Ride
 Star Tours

Hey Nephews!
We saw your favourite celebrity, in the fur! It's the Bear in the Big Blue House!

Aerosmith, The
Best Medicine

Disney, Day Four - I just rode a loop-dee-loop roller coaster! Once with my eyes closed and then again with my eyes open!! Holy Fricken Frack!

For many of you, this wouldn't be such a big accomplishment. But this is the first loop-dee-loop coaster of my life. And up until two days ago, rollercoaster riding was one of only two phobias I've got.

It all started 15 years ago at the Great Lakes Community Credit Union Company Picnic. I rode a rickety rollercoaster for the first time. And the last. It wasn't a big roller coaster. I probably could have jumped out of it without injuring myself, but it was enough to scare the bejeebers out of me, make the guy stop the ride, and make me puke up my cheeseburger. Not neccesarily in that order.

After that, I was d-o-n-e with rollercoasters of any kind. I loved amusement parks and fairs of any kind, but there was no getting me near the rollercoaster. So that's how my first phobia came about.

It was with this fear, and a determination to get rid of it, that I showed up at Disney World hesitantly ready to ride Space Mountain. It wasn't without preparation.

I had conquered my "If I get on that thing, I'll puke up my burger and have to go home" fear of easy coasters two weeks earlier when I rode the Snoopy Coaster at the Mall of America. No big hills, not too fast. The perfect practice coaster.

And you know what? Yesterday at Magic Kingdom I rode Space Mountain twice. I may have screamed throughout the whole thing, but I did it. And I didn't puke.

I'm starting to get a "I can conquer anything" feeling. I knew I was ready for the Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith! It had a couple of loops, a couple of scoops and some tight curves. But it was set to the beat of Aerosmith, so that should calm my nerves. I've learned that the hardest part of a rollercoaster is sitting down. Once you're in, it's out of your hands. So I strapped myself in and I was shot from the gate like a bat outta hell. (wait, that's Meatloaf)

And you know what? The coaster still scared the bejeebers out of me, but I didn't puke! And I did it again with my eyes open. And I still didn't puke. What have I been missing all these years? It is today that I proclaim myself a rollercoaster rider extraordinaire!

Oh, in case you're wondering. I only have one other fear in life: rickety, dangly things. In particular, finding myself in a situation where I am hanging from rickety, dangly things. This is why I've never learned to downhill ski. Can't stand the chairlift. I'd rather slap on some snowshows and scale the mountain than get on the lift. I don't know where this fear came from. I just know it exists and it's not pretty when I find myself in a situation where I'm suddenly dangling from something rickety.

You'd be surprised how often this happens.

We're Not Watching the Show,
We Are the Show!

"Any parties of four?" called out the ticket lady controlling the line for the Studio Backlot Tour.

"We are!" called us right back, thinking that she had room for four more in the next ride.

"Great. Come with me." says she.

Before we knew it, we were being whisked away into a back room and being told to take off our shoes and socks and change into rain gear. Wassa? How did this happen? What are we about to do? What do you mean we have to choose who's going to be the mechanic?

One moment we were normal citizens of Disney World, going about our business. The next we were captains (Cindy), mechanics (Carl) and crazy crew members (Aim & Kev) about to put on a show for an audience of hundreds. Yeeps.

We were nervous, but the show must go on. We were briefed on our roles quickly and walked out onto the sound stage to become movie stars. The point of the performance was to explain special effects in movies like Pearl Harbour. At the director's command, we hit the deck and warned the captain of incoming planes. Carl had the worst of it as he was blasted with 1000 gallons of water to demonstrate a torpedo striking.

It was a tough job, but when all of this was done, we left the stage amid thunderous applause. Next up: we hit the road as a foursome comedy act!

cute parade, bad photos...

Back of Toy Story Float

Dick's Arm in front of Mary Poppins

Side of Muppet Guy

Back of Muppet Float

Back of Darth Vader

Back of Aladdin's Float

Side of Herc's Float

Back of Ariel's Float
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Today's Park:
MGM Studios

Tomorrow: Epcot Center

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Today's Weather:
Singin' in the Rain

Disney Stats
Getting there...
K's Shirt:Your Mom Thinks I'm Hot

At the park...
Crowd:From Jersey
Why:No School

Kevin: 2Carl: 4
Aimee: 1Cindy: 1

Sleeping Quarters
Kissimee KOA

Had to break into our cabin because the stooopid-ass 24-hour KOA store (which had our key) was closed. Thank goodness for Mastercard.


Prepared by Aimee, loser at golf
Kevin:Shreddies w/ Banana
Aimee:Lucky Charms
Cindy:Just Right w/ Banana
Carl, much later:Just Right

MGM Studios
Fairfax Fries, and other places
Brought:PBJ Sandwiches, Coffee Crisps (x6)
Bought:McFries (x2)

Red Lobster
Kissimee, Route 192
K&A:Ultimate Fondue, Shrimp & Lobster Pasta, Caesar Salad
Carl:Shrimp & Lobster Pasta, Caesar Salad
Cindy:Teriyaki Chicken, Caesar Salad

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