day 75
alligator alley, florida

"You know, if we've seen that many gators on that side of the
ditch, maybe we shouldn't be getting so close to this side
of the ditch to take
photos." -k.
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Alligator Alley:
A.K.A: Interstate 75
West side: Naples, FL
East side: Ft. Lauderdale
Twists: No
Turns: No
Alligators on I-75: 0

Claim to Fame: Don't listen to your map. I-75 doesn't have any sign of gators. Actually, it might, but you're moving too fast. You want a gator, try the little grey unmarked roads to the North. That's where the action is.

Inappropriate Business Name of the Day
Part of your Incomplete Breakfast
Aimee made a sporting attempt at pancakes this morning. We had a tin of lemon pecan pancake mix in the jeep... sounds tasty doesn't it? It sure was! It just wasn't all that pretty. I guess that's why they put the emphasis on "non-stick pan".

Taste: 8/10
Effort: 9/10
Presentation: 3/10

Gator Bait
Nov 9 - We found them! We found the gators! All we had to do was believe!

They say that gators can be found in any waterway in Florida, but we think that's just to cover their asses. We didn't see a roadside gator until we got South of Fort Myers, which is quite a ways down there. Most people we know get as far as Orlando and that's good enough for them.

They refer to the last leg of I-75 as Alligator Alley, since it goes straight through the Everglades. The truth is, once we got onto the I-75, that's when we stopped seeing gators. The real wildlife can be found on the little grey highways and unpaved roads to the North.

GatorWatch 2001
First: Fort Myers
Biggest: 8 Feet
Total: 29
OtherStuffWatch 2001
Turtles: 7
Blue Cranes: Tons
Turkey Vultures: Loads

And we may have seen a black panther, but we're not sure. It ran across the road in front of the jeep, and to be frank, it looked like that thing Sigourney Weaver turned into at the end of Ghostbusters.
Yuppers. We could have headed straight down the 41 to the 75 and not seen a darn thing. Luckily, our adventurous spirit kicked in and we took a hard left onto the 29 to the 827 to the 833 to the 8759437, etc. As the numbers got bigger, so did the gators.

We ended up heading straight through the wildlife reserve and an Indian reservation. It was a nice sunny day, the perfect day for a gator to get a nice scaly tan and raise the blood temperature a little bit, so there were plenty to spot.

But we saw big gators, little gators, happy gators, sad gators, skinny gators, fat gators, sneaky gators and lazy gators. It was definitely the gatorest day we've had this whole trip.

The first gator was definitely the best gator. He was a goofy lookin' little devil, running like mad up the side of the road. I think he was chasing cars. I screamed, "GATOR!" and the car screeched to a halt. We both dove out of the car with the camera on, but he was already slinking back into the cool, clear water next to the sewage pipe. Ah, to be a lizard.

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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Alligator Alley, FL

Next Stop: Fort Lauderdale

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Today's Weather:
Suspiciously Nice

Daily Stats
Gas: $7.49
Gators Spotted: 29
Gators Eaten: 0

Sleeping Quarters
Bruce's Pad

Sweet! Bruce has one of those great South Florida apartments with palm trees and a pond and a pool and lots of sunshine. Maybe we'll stay a few days.

Oscar Scherer
Aimee:Made Pancakes
Kevin:Ate Pancakes
Cost:Aim's Pride
In the Jeep
Somewhere in the Everglades
Shared:Leftover Ravioli
Ft. Lauderdale
K's Order:Red Snapper
A's Order:Penne Ala Vodka
B's Order:Baked Ziti
Cost:Bruce's Treat!

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