day 78
bruce's bachelor pad

"I couldn't remember what was on her handbag,
so I just said 'Spinach'." -evan.
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Cruisin' for a Bruce:
Full Name: Bruce Gordon
Age: 34
Accent: Staten Island
Religion: Jewish
Occupation: Realtor
Previous Occupations: Firefighter, Kindergarten teacher, Graphic artist, Head waiter, Photographer
Hobbies: Don't ask.

Claim to Fame:
Knows Vomit Boy.

ReMax Realtors of the Year
How's your movie trivia knowledge?
Here's a test... In the movie My Blue Heaven, what was the color of Hanna Stubbs' purse? What kind of car did Vinnie boost? What was the name of Barney Coopersmith's Boss?

We played The Movie Game last night, and man, is it fun. It works like this: You watch one minute of a movie (preferably one you've seen before because it's terribly disrupting). When the minute is over, pause the movie. One of the players makes up an obscure question about the scene you just watched. Whoever gets the question right gets to a chance to score some tokens, and the first one to collect all tokens wins!

You could probably play at home without the board, but what the hell, it was $4.99 at Blockbuster. That's almost cheaper than a rental!

And by the way, the answers are brown, a green Chrysler, and Robert Underwood.
3 Nights, 10 Movies:
South Park
The Mummy Returns
Star Wars Episode I
Supercop 2
The City of Lost Children
The Big Hit
Someone Like You
My Blue Heaven

And I guess you can count The One and Monsters Inc.

Bruce vs. Harrison Ford: Who's Cooler?
Nov 12 - We've stayed with Bruce for a few days now, and one thing is for certain. He is definitely one cool cat. In fact, he may be the coolest person we know.

However, is he as cool as superstar Harrison Ford? You be the judge.

Harrison Ford:
His father was Irish, his mother Russian Jewish. He was a lackluster student at Maine Township High school in Park Ridge, IL (no athletic star, never above a C average). After dropping out of Ripon College in Wisconsin, where he did some acting and later summer stock, he signed a Hollywood contract with Columbia, and later Universal. His roles in movies and TV remained secondary and, discouraged, he turned to a career in professional carpentry.

He came back big four years later, however, as Bob Falfa in American Graffiti. Four years after that he hit colossal with the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. Another four years and Ford was Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Still another four years and he received an Academy Award for his role in Witness.

All he managed four years after that was his third starring success as Indiana Jones; in fact, many of his earlier successful roles led to sequels as did his more recent portrayal of Jack Ryan in Patriot Games.

He is clearly a well-established Hollywood Superstar. He also maintains an 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Little Known Harrison Fact: He provided the whip-cracks on the song "Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)" for Jimmy Buffett's album "Last Man in Mango Paris.
Bruce Gordon:
His father is Jewish, his mother is Jewish. He was a better than average student at Susan Wagner High school in Staten Island, NY (after winning the J. Henry Holloway Medallion for Excellence in Printing). After attending Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, where he did some lifeguarding and taco restaurant managering, he signed a contract with Sub Express. His roles in sandwich making remained at the managerial position and, discouraged, he turned to a career as a freelance graphic designer.

He came back big four weeks later, however, as manager of Oak Tree Men's Clothing. Seven months later after that he hit colossal as general manager of Feet First Shoes. For another four years, Gordon was a firefighter at Long Beach Fire Department, Truck 2362.

Still another four years and he became a 1st grade teacher at PS130 and PS230.

All he managed eight years after that was his latest starring success as a realtor; in fact, many of his earlier successful occupations led to the confidence he needed for his portrayal of Bruce Gordon of The Gordon Team.

He is clearly a well-established Florida resident. He also maintains two bedroom apartment in Plantation, Florida.

Little Known Bruce Fact: As a twelve year old, he was a counsellor of thirteen year old girls.

Man oh man, what a tough decision! Still think Harrison Ford is cooler? Maybe this will convince you! Here's Bruce's dog!

Molly's New Trick!
Molly the amazing stupendous Jack Russell Terrier has reached new heights of intelligence! Never before has a dog of this magnitude performed such a feat of sheer genius! It defies logic! It defies reason! It defies defiance!

Watch now, as I place an ordinary ball into an incredibly tall and brown box! Can she find it? Can she do it? Molly! Molly where's your ball? Molly go get your ball Molly!

She's done it! She's knocked over the box with only the strength of her two little front paws! Now she just has to crawl in and wiggle her little doggy butt... and she's got it! Hooray for Molly! Molly the Wonder Dog!

So? What do you think? Harrison Ford? Bruce Gordon? No contest.
Tell Bruce how cool he is!

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Sleeping Quarters
One More Night At Bruce's

This quaint two-bed, two-bath apartment is the perfect place to hang your hat. Located in Plantation, you could be just minutes away from the beach or the highway. And, they allow pets!

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Dining Room
Kevin:Bagels & Eggwave
Bruce:Bagels & Eggwave
Taco Bell
Sawgrass Mall
A's Order:2 Bean Burritos
B's Order:Combo #5
Ft. Lauderdale
K & B:16" Pizza, Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Sausage
A's Order:Mussels Marinara

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This is Bruce's brother, Evan. He saw the movie Glitter!

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