day 79
key largo

"Something STRANGE is AFOOT... in the Florida KEYS... ooh! gas is $1.13 here!" -a.
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Pennekamp Pennies:
Glass Bottom Boat: $18pp
Snorkel Tour: $25pp
Sailing Tour: $31pp
Scuba Rental: $150pp
Scuba Certification: $375pp
Volcanic Rock Beach: Free

Claim to Fame: John Pennekamp State Park has one of the largest coral reefs in the Western Hemisphere, which houses the Christ of the Coral tourist attraction, a sunken statue of Jesus in the middle of the reef. Too bad it costs too damn much money to do anything in this park.

Male Genital Extension of the Day
Fish We Saw:
- Little stripey
- Big vertical stripey
- Schools of grey round ones
- Little green stripey
- Crab with one claw
- Crab with both claws
- Long as my arm guy
- Big as my leg guy
- Sea creature slurpy thing

Key Largo, Montego, Where'd All My Mon-EE Go?
Nov 13 - Can't you just imagine it? Pulling into a white sandy beach, tossing on your snorkel gear and jumping into the ocean. You take your time, just paddling left and right, enjoying the wonder of the world under the sea. A garden of coral delights, 75 square miles of tropical ocean amazement, just inches from your fingertips.

A dolphin swims by, smiling at you and waving a flipper. You smile back, and he swims away. "Goodbye, my human friend!" he telepathically communicates to you as he departs. The rest of the fish begin to swim in formation, and a mermaid offers you a sea salad from the lush vegetation below. King Neptune raises a toast in your honour, and you're greeted at the gates of Atlantis by Jacques Cousteau, Captain Nemo and Leonardo Di Caprio, welcoming you to the most wonderous place under the earth, and hands you an armful of spanish galleons for the slot machines.

Wouldn't that just be the most perfect snorkeling adventure? Can't you just picture it?

Well, fat chance of that at John Pennekamp, unless you've got an arm and a leg to spare. In the brochure, they boast the largest coral reef in the western hemisphere, complete with shipwrecks, colourful fishies, and coral up the wazoo. What a great place to stop!

Snorkeling in Greece
New Goggles: $1.00
New Snorkel: 50c
New Fishing Pole: $2.00
New Fishing Net: $1.00
Scooter Rental: $10/day
Pedalboat Rental: $2/hr
Snorkeling in The Keys
New Goggles: $18.99
New Snorkel: $6.99
New Fishing Pole: $37.50
New Fishing Net: $9.99
Scooter Rental: $25/hr
Pedalboat Rental: $10/hr
Except, they don't tell you that the reef is three miles offshore. And you have to rent or charter something to get out there. Phooey.

I mean, here we were, already paying almost 25 bucks to tent in an RV park, and they want to charge us an extra 20 bucks each to even see the reef? I don't think so guys.

So we tried to amuse ourselves by paddling around the public beach. The murky brown public beach, that is. You need sharp eyes in this place, let me tell you, because it's like snorkeling through chocolate milk. Ovaltine. Metamucil, even.

What a let down though. We've been carrying that snorkel set since the beginning of the trip, a snorkel set we bought in Greece, specifically for when we hit the Keys. Did we see fish? No. Dolphins? No. Coral? No. Seaweed? Well, it was about as pretty as a weed anyway.

Oh well. Lesson learned. I guess if you want singing fish, go rent The Little Mermaid again.

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Key Largo

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Today's Weather:
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Daily Stats
Gas: $11.00
Construction:Oh yeah
Avg. Speed: 10km/hr

Sleeping Quarters
John Pennekamp State Park

Site 4. We got all geared up for a really good snorkel, and the stinkin' reef is 3 miles offshore! We snorkeled sure enough, but it was through brown murky gook.

Cost: $23.69

c/o Stallone's
Shared:Leftover pasta
Shiver's BBQ
Homestead, FL
K's Order:St. Louis Rib Sandwich, Fries, Hushpuppies
A's Order:Rib Platter, BBQ Beans, White Rice
Key Largo
(a.k.a. Aimbalaya)

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