day 80
the florida keys

"After waking up in Key Largo, who would have thought that
by the end of the day we'd be eating Tater Tots in a
doublewide trailer?" -a.
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Island Living Is...
Warmer: Yup
Slower: Yup
Fishier: Yup
Friendlier: Always

Claim to Fame: The typical Keys citizen eats better, lives longer and has much less stress than the rest of America. Of course, the typical Keys citizen also lives in a trailer and gets smacked in the face by a hurricane every five years or so, so I guess it all works out in the end.

Possibly the Largest Lobster of the Day
The Keys So Far:
Key Largo
Plantation Key
Windley Key
Upper Matecumbe Key
Teatable Key
Indian Key
Lignumvitae Key
Lower Matecumbe Key
Fiesta Key
Long Key
Duck Key
Grassy Key
Vaca Key
Knight Key
Pigeon Key
Bahia Honda Key

You Can't Catch Crabs With BBQ Tools
Nov 14 - We were done with John Pennekamp by 8am. We packed up, said goodbye to the Winnebago on our left, said goodbye to the Leisureways Fifth Wheel on our right, and departed in haste. We'd find better snorkeling elsewhere, we said to ourselves, and best of all, it'll be FREE.

And that we did. Anne's Beach... white clay beach, less than five feet deep for the first mile out into the water, and calm as the box office on the opening week of Glitter. Strap on the snorkel!

As it turned out, the marine life was pretty sparse, but hey, at least it had a few colours other than brown in it.

Aimee found a clam. Dinner! There must be more! We figured if we could find 20 or 30 of them, we'd really have something tasty for the evening meal, so she started sticking her hand into any sandhole she could find. She was up to four when she found the motherlode. Or so she thought.

The hole was about 8 inches in diameter, which should have been the first clue. Second, there were clam shells all around it. It might have meant that lots of clams hang out here, so many that they just hang out until they die and the other party clams push the dead bits back out of the hole, but somehow I don't think that was the case. "Bring a bag!" she yelled, as she thrust her hand in up to the elbow.

Meet the Locals:
Jeff & Vilma Peacock

Home: Big Pine Key
Dog: Poochie
Cat: Stantion
Boat: "Latin Girl"
Vilma's Job: Home Depot
Jeff's Job: Park Ranger
Jeff's Old Job: Sailboat Charter Captain
Jeff's Other Old Jobs: Navy Seal, Virginia Cop
Jeff's Future Job: Sailboat Charter Captain Again

Claim to Fame: Once gave Depeche Mode a parking ticket.

She had apparently grabbed onto a "rock" about the size of her head when the "rock" moved (I guess that's why they call it a Stone Crab). This guy was huge. Huge and meaty. Huge and meaty and tasty! Dinner!

But how does one catch a crab? I went back to the car, and returned to the hole with the best tools for the job: a set of barbeque tongs and a vegetable griller. The tongs could be thrust into the hole (cave) to nab the crab, and then if he gets out of the tongs we can block the entrance to the hole (cave) with the grill basket. In the meantime, we'll use the grill basket as a clam rake. MacGyver would be proud.

As you can guess, it didn't work. We dumped the four clams and made our way back to the vehicle, a good deal hungrier and a great deal more sunburned. Dinner would have to be caught elsewhere.

And luckily, it was...

kev catches dinner...

His first fish


Holy mackeral!

Where the locals fish
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We've got mail...

Hey there Aimee,
Happy 26th birthday!! :)

Just wanted to take a minute to wish you an awesome day. Hope you can take a moment out to celebrate it in some way. Eat a piece of cake or a muffin or something for me!

I'm writing this Wed. even though your birthday's not till Tomorrow so you'll get it no matter when you check your email if you check it on Thurs.

Well, hope you have an awesome day. Happy happy happiest of birthday wishes to you.
- Cindy, New Orleans LA

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Gas: None

Fish Derby Stats:
Jeff: 4
Vilma: 35
Kev: 2
Aim: 0
Largest: Kev's
Length: 17"
Type: Mackeral

Sleeping Quarters
Bahia Honda State Park

Site 76. This is much better than being squished between two RVs at John Pennekamp. Still expensive though.

Cost: $23.69

Waffle House
John Pennecamp
K's Order:Waffle, Eggs, Bacon
A's Order:Smothered Hash Browns
Anne's Beach
Route 1
Shared:Leftover Jambalaimee
Jeff & Vilma's House
Bahai Honda Key
All:Mackeral, Lobster Tails, Tater Tots, Corn on the Cob, Strawberry Daquiris

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