day 88
thanksgiving dinner

Sydell: "There's regular Kugel, sugar free Kugel
with raisins, and no-raisin Kugel with sugar."
Kevin: "Three Kugels? What's with all the Kugel?"
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Gobble Gobble:
Turkey: Juicy
Mashed Potatoes: Creamy
Salad: Crunchy
Gravy: Lumpy
Kugel: Noodly
What is Kugel? Jewish
How do you spell Kugel? No idea.

Don't forget the salad!
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?














Happy Birthday Cayden!
My nephew is two today!
He also broke his arm today!

Send him a birthday greeting and a get well card!

Thanksgiving Dinner At The Gordon's
Nov 22 - Yes, well, that picture pretty much sums it up.

Another year, another Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving, that is. Canadians were done with Thanksgiving over a month ago. But, what the hey. When in Rome, right? Figuratively speaking of course.

Our adoptive parents this year were Gary and Sydell Gordon, parents of the notorious Bruce Gordon, who seems to have appeared on our site more than even us. Gary and Sydell are two of the nicest folks we've met on this trip (and we'll bet you dollars to donuts that they're way cooler than Harrison Ford's parents).

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. One of the best, we think. First of all, it's about eating, which is almost as cool as basing a holiday around sex. Second, it's about family. Or, if you're like us, someone else's family. Lastly, it's about eating. That's worth mentioning twice.

Evening entertainment: A game of Three Cup Monte with a two year old.
The only thing missing was the moose meat.

I don't really get that. Aimee told me to write that. I never had moose meat at my Thanksgiving. That was Aimee's messed up family. I think she was made to eat moose meat at every opportunity.

Actually, had it been a Canadian Thanksgiving, we all would have been out at Jan Starr's, playing golf on the ice of Lake Superior, eating Liz's salad and Jan's turkey and my mom's spice cake with butterscotch fudgy icing. MMmmm! Then we'd have some sort of crazy game planned, usually involving hundreds of miles of string, firecrackers, balloons, markers, stickers, candles, and lots and lots of booze. Sigh.

Anyway, what can we say about our time at the Gordon's? Everyone was in a talkative mood. We let Zack have the camera for a while, which is how we were able to get photos of everyone with real smiles. We taught Emie the value of money by teaching her how to play the Shell Game. We learned that Arnold got into a fist fight with a guy whose dog peed on his lawn. The conversation went from digital cameras to E-bay to collectibles to George Carlin. Nobody got into a fight. Nobody was ostracized from the house. Emie went into one screaming fit (she's two) when Zack locked her in the bathroom, but that's about it. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty easy going Thanksgiving.

But that's not to say it wasn't spontaneous... Look at Kevin's face!

Holy Crap! Kevin Shaves His Beard For Thanksgiving!
Well, one thing's for certain, he certainly cleans up nice. But, what facial hair is best for our hero? You decide! Click on a beard to vote!
The Full On Hairball?
The Goatee?
The Chin Rat?
The Dapper Moustache?
The Aerosmith Roadie?
Or Clean Shaven?
Click On Your Favourite Beard Now!
P.S. Mom, you're only allowed to vote once.

We've got mail...

Dear Kevin and Aimee,
Just wanted to tell you that it was great meeting the both of are truly a down-to-earth and wonderful couple....
I have been following your exploits on the web... what a wonderful trip....
Both Ethel and I wish you a safe journey and we look forward to seeng you again...
Stay healthy,
- Arnie & Ethel, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Kevin, I was just talking to your mother yesterday. I happened to be at my Mom's when she called. I was telling her that as I looked at the pictures of you shaving off your beard, when I got to the last picture, my first thought was... "That's my uncle Frank!". She got a laugh out of that and admitted that she voted for that one more times then she was allowed.
- Donnie, Nepean ON

hey hey
3 things

2) i like the aerosmith roadie pose, for obvious reasons
3) i saw kevins mom when i was in duluth last weekend. i went down there for shits and giggles and i saw her and almost pooped my pants!

love lots
- Blair, Thunder Bay ON

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Thanksgiving Dinner

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Dinner Stats
Arguements: 0
Turkeys: 1
Broken Forks: 3
Choice of Kugel: 3

Sleeping Quarters
Bruce's Pad

Apt 716
Kevin:Special K Red Berries
Aimee:Special K Red Berries
Publix Grocery
Down the street from Bruce's
Kevin:B&J Apple Crumble Ice Cream
Aimee:An entire Pecan Pie
Bruce's Parents' Place
20 minutes from Bruce's
Menu:Matzoh Ball Soup
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Apple Pie

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