day 109
waco, texas

A: "I'll give you five seconds to pick out the creepiest guy in this room."
K: "Okaaa-- WHOA!"
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We Go Waco:
Guns: A-plenty
Free Masons: A-Plenty
Hidden: Both Guns & Masons

Claim to Fame: We all know about when Waco went wacko, but we never did bring it up.

Underground Organization
of the Day
There's Dinos in Them Thar Hills!
We camped at Dino Valley, which is the home of 113 million year-old dino footprints. We went looking for them and found this doozy.

We also found numerous people who were willing to talk to us for hours about the bible. 113 million years old? Pshaw! The evidence is here!

I'm a Pepper
Dec 13 - Think Waco and what do you think? Yup. We thought so. You too think of an incident several years ago that involved a cult, some stockpiled weapons, and a whole lotta flames.

But why focus on the bad? This trip is to find all things good about America! We don't want to dredge up old scars from years past.

Besides, we couldn't find the compound.

Strangely enough, they didn't have pamphlets at the tourist centre. Imaging that! So instead we went to the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute. Yes, they're in the same building.

The Dr Pepper Museum was one big learning experience. A little too much, in fact. The first thing you learn is that the museum isn't actually affiliated with Dr Pepper. They consider it a celebration of all soft drinks, but they happen to focus on Dr Pepper.

Did you know?
There's no period in Dr Pepper because with the font face they've chosen, it would look like Di: Pepper.
A subliminal message?
The second thing you learn is that this isn't just the Dr Pepper Museum. It's also the Institute of Free Enterprise. Some big wig in the sody pop circles (named "Boots", incidentally) decided to use the soft drink industry to explain how wonderful it is to live in America. You can come up with a new idea, put it in a bottle and sell it, and nobody gets mad. Except if your idea is to steal other people's secret formula, that is.

Did you know?
Back in the day when seals were used to cork bottles, a loud pop would sound when the bottle was opened. That's why they call soft drinks soda pop! Hardee har har.
We got to learn all about Free Enterprise in a darkened theatre, where they were playing different Dr Pepper commercials over and over about how you shouldn't be brainwashed by the cola companies... it's true. I kept on thinking while I was watching that someone was going to sneak up behind us and glue my eyeballs open. But it didn't stop there...

Did you know?
When Doc was inventing the flavour of Dr Pepper, he was essentially trying to bottle the smell of a drug store. Yummy!
After the video, you start seeing all these signs for the 10-2-4 Club. The name 10-2-4 comes from Dr Pepper's very first propaganda, er, ad campaign, where people were made to chant over and over "Have a bite to drink at 10, 2 and 4". Apparently, this is a "club" of people who just "like Dr Pepper". I find it hard to believe that's all they do at their "meetings" is drink Dr Pepper. I've heard you have to be a virgin to join, and the Dr Pepper sales go waaaay up when comets come around.

they're peppers...

I'm a pepper

I'm a pepper

I'm a pepper

Kev, what happened to you?
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We've got mail...

Oh Jeez, I missed your birthday Kevin. I feel awful. And I missed it last year and come to think of it I missed it the year before. How old are you? I think that's how many birthdays I missed. What kind of a friend am I anyway. Why did you have to get born just before Christmas? That's a very busy time you know. Are you beginning to feel guilty? Jist wanted to pass the guilt along.
Anyway a happy belated birthday. (for all those years also) I really hope you had a great time as I'm sure you did. I'm going to look up those pics. Take care.
- Jan, Thunder Bay ON

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Rainin' Harder'n a Snake That Swallowed a Broom Handle

Daily Stats
With Coupon:$3.50
Bumper Sticker:75c
Free Samples:None

Sleeping Quarters
Dinosaur Valley S.P.

Site A. The temperature dropped to 27F. After the heavy rains of the two previous nights, we had ice on the tent before even getting into bed. In the middle of the night I got up to pee, unzipped the tent door and it fell open with a clunk. That's how cold it was.
Cost: $14.00

Cracker Barrel
Off Highway 35
K's Order:Momma's Breakfast
A's Order:Oatmeal with Fried Apples
Downtown Waco
K's Order:Whatabac'n Whatameal
A's Order:Whatachick'n Whatameal

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