day 151
santa fe, new mexico

"This is just like Mexico, but without the side effects." -a.
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Must Be Santa:
Architecture: Adobe
Church: Oldest in America
Staircase: Miraculous
Cost to See Miracle: $2.50

Claim to Fame: Santa Fe is home to the Miraculous Staircase Church, as seen on Unsolved Mysteries. The photo above is not of this church. Sorry.

If, however, you would like to see the church, you and four of your friends need to send us 50 cents each, and we'll let you see a photo.

Religious Icon of the Day
Oh Mel.
The whole balancing trick we tried on Day 150 (was that really only yesterday?) didn't do diddly. Mel's still making the thumpity-thump noise (more like tinkity-tink now) that caused us to spend nearly an hour in a parking lot with one of us running beside the jeep to try to see what's making the sound. We aren't exactly car experts, so we headed to the closest Big-O Tire in Santa Fe.

It was like a surgeon coming out of the operating room to tell you that you'd lost your son. We asked if it was a big problem. He said very big. We asked if it was expensive. He said very expensive.

We gathered around Mel's underbelly pretending like we knew what was going on. Hugo (that was his name) explained that our four-wheel drive shaft was shot. It's the type of thing that needs to be sent away to the dealer and takes days to fix. Eerk.

As always, we asked what else we could do besides spending the rest of our lives (and money) waiting for the part to be fixed.

"Well, I could just take it out for 10 bucks," Hugo tells us.

We drove away with our drive shaft in a nice box in the backseat. There's nothing we like better than a shortcut!

...And You Can Drink the Water!
Jan 24 - We noticed two things about Santa Fe the moment we got here. The first is that the architecture is amazing. Every house must, by law, conform to the adobe style. It looks as though each house was created by a group of children who spent too much time at the beach.

The second thing we noticed is the weather. It is colder here than in Thunder Bay. We're at an elevation of about 7,000 ft, but you'd think that we'd at least be able to walk around town without having to duck into a store every two minutes to get warm. It must be warm here at some point in the year because I've spotted cactus and the odd bathing suit shop.

Despite the cold, we're determined that nothing is going to stop us from loving this city. The entire sity is such a joy to look at that we're willing to forgive fate for the nasty parking attendent, the busted four-wheel drive shaft, the overpriced appetizer last night, the overpriced churches today, and even Paseo de Peralta.

It's possible that the cold is a PR move by the city of Santa Fe to get you to stop staring at the architecture and step into the buildings themselves. Inside is just as much of a treat as outside. We wandered through thousands of rugs, stacks of trunks and hundreds of shelves of pottery, all vying for our attention and just begging to be bought.

Three cultures make up Santa Fe - the Navajo Indians, the Mexicans and the early settlers of America. Each culture remains a vibrant part of Santa Fe and adds to the unique history of the area.

Surely there must be a downside to the city, but we weren't able to find it (besides that parking attendant). Instead, we spent our time discussing how one day, should we ever live in the United States again, we might just call Santa Fe home.

Meet Henry, Mark, Abbie, and Kootenai
We met these crazy folks at the Delicate Arch four days ago in Arches National Park. After only a 15 minute chat, they had the uncanny ability to assess what nice people we were, and told us that if we were ever in the Santa Fe area to give them a ring.

Not ones to pass up an invitation, we spent the evening enjoying their company and trying to make Henry smile. Then they said we could sleep over! Thanks for giving us a home away from home!

places to go...

Downtown Santa Fe

New Mexico Wildlife

It's Miraculous!

Coolest Store Ever

things to buy...

A Taste of Mexico

I Want it All

Another Taste of Mexico

I'm sure the Lost Ark is here somewhere
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Santa Fe, NM

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Sleeping Quarters
The Phillip's Residence

After meeting for just moments at Arches National Park, Mark and Abbie gave us a place to stay, treated us to the best Mexican food in town, and were great company for the evening.

Felipe's Tacos
Santa Fe
K's Order:Mexicana Breakfast Burrito
A's Order:Torta Mexicana
Good Food Market
Santa Fe
Both:Food Samples around Grocery Store

La Choza
Santa Fe, NM
Kevin:Chicken Taquitos
Aimee:Tamale Plate
Mark:Carne Avodoca
Abbie:Tamale Plate
Henry:Cheese Enchilada
Cost:Their Treat!

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