méxico: el día nueve
empty nest

"i dont know if you can eat that kind of cactus...
we might be in trouble." -a.
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Morelia's Market:
Who Went: Aimee, with Annie and Susan
Located: Five Blocks Away
Best Time to Go: Morning
Purpose: Get yourself some farm fresh food.

Neatest Part: You know your chicken's fresh when they kill it for you. They've got a chicken-slaughtering machine.
Morelia's Gringo's:
Who Went: Kevin, with Jan and Len
Located: Holiday Inn
Best Time to Go: Evening
Purpose: Hobnob with other English-speaking retirees.

Neatest Part: Kev's says his Limonada was pretty tasty.
It's A Julio's Night!
We can't leave Morelia without finding our way to Julio's for a late night snack. We scarfed down about 6 tacos and a couple of glasses of pinapple agua. It's Gray's Papaya for Mexico!

The Beginning of the End
Febrero 6 - Oh Max! Oh Will! The times we've had. I remember when we first saw you, Maxine. You were so shiny and new, sitting in that Sports Authority. We both fell in love with you instantly. Kev rode you around the store like a boy getting his first bike.

And you, Will. We had to wait days for you to come in. You didn't have as many features as Maxine, but I knew you were right for me. I bought you all the accessories you might want, remember that?

We gently tied you onto your rack and off we went, for the adventure of a lifetime. Over the mountains and through the woods we rode you. So many memories...

Remember on Grand Manan when we rode around the entire island watching the dulse being harvested? That was our first big adventure together. Kev learned that Maxine didn't like hills as much as Will.

Remember Assateague, where we all rode together with the ponies? Those were the carefree, funloving days.

My Babies!
Oh! And remember, dear Will, how you and I learned to jump curbs together? We had never done that before, but near Salem, we got up the courage, sped directly at that curb and jumped it like we were made for nothing else. What a triumph!

Near the end, things were beginning to get perilous. It wasn't safe for you to travel on the back of Mel anymore. Your rack snapped in one spot, and then another.

It was a distressing decision to make. We knew you wouldn't last the rest of the way, but we knew you were too adventurous to want to be sold off at a second-hand bike shop. That's why we made the decision we did.

I hope that you enjoy your new life in Mexico, living with Sam the Corner Store Guy. He seems nice, and he's got great tortillas. He seemed to be a bike lover - he had ten of them already - so you'll be able to make friends. Maybe you'll even learn Spanish. Don't worry too much though, because Sam speaks English a bit.

Please don't forget us, we won't forget you!

Goodbye, Max and Will.

Memories of the way we were...

little piggy goes to the market...





big piggy goes to the gringo club...




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Mañana: Caleta de Campos

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Gasolina: None!

Goodbye Bikes!
Paid in Aug: $547.00
Sold in Feb:$425.00
Buyer: Sam

Phil's Casa

We're still upstairs at Phil's place. Every morning we're woken up by the bell man. He goes around the 'hood swinging his bell to let everyone know he's around. And if he doesn't wake us up, the roosters do.

All:Homemade Oatmeal, Buns, Fruit
All:Leftover Chili, Tortillas
Street in Morelia
Both:Tacos & Agua
Cuenta:26 pesos

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