day 191
san francisco, california

"You're spoiled so I have to suffer?" -avery, to his sister, heather.
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San Francisco Treat!
Serving Size: 2.5 oz
Servings Per Container: 3
Calories: 310
Calories from Fat: 80

Claim to Fame: Tex Murphy, the best video game ever made was based in San Francisco. Tex's house was near Coit Tower and he once ventured to Alcatraz on one of his many dangerous adventures. Damn, that was a great game.

Ignored Warning of the Day
Sans I know:
San Miguel Mission
Saan's (department store)
Santa Claus
Sanity (an acquaintance)
Sans (That's French for "without")
Frans I know:
The Nanny Named Fran
Francine van Koolbergen
Saint Francis
Frank (Kev's Dad)
Francais (That's French for "french")
Dans I know:
Dan Nawrocki
Dan Lingman (Aim's Bro)
Danny Tanner (Full House)
Dan Dan Fielding
What happens when you get too many Internet freaks in a room together? Laptop jam.
Later that night...
Wanna watch The Rock?
1. Run over to your friends' house and borrow his full-wall projector.
2. Hook it up with full stereo surround sound.
3. Pop some corn.
4. Cuddle up with your couch-mate.
5. Turn the lights off and watch Connery and Cage duke it out with the big bad combat marines.

A high action prep for tomorrow's visit to the real thing!
Nine days to go!

It's Frantastic!
March 5 - What an amazing city! Some cities welcome you with open arms and hand you things to do on a silver platter. Other cities go about their business pretending you're not there. San Francisco does both, allowing you to blend in and feel as though you've been a local for years. While we would have liked years to explore everything, all we had was one day. Here's what we did with it...

A City of Highs and Lows
Go rent yourself the Steve McQueen movie Bullet, and fast forward to the chase scene. (It's the only part of the movie that I've ever seen, anyway.) Watch it about a dozen times before you drive the streets of San Francisco. We were cautious with Mel's aging brakes, but we were still able to become airborne. This is the most vertical city I've ever seen in my life. You've got to drive it to believe it.

Pier 39: Fisherman's Wharf
The outdoor mall of San Francisco. This wharf has been turned into the classic assortment of American quaint shops that are always featured in any outdoor mall. You've got your trinket stores, your coffee shops, your Ben & Jerry's, your T-shirts 3 for 10 bucks... and even a few originals, like the simulator where you can pay to experience a San Francisco earthquake. I'll bet the locals don't shell out the bucks for this one.

Just Sea Lion Around
The best free entertainment in the city. Once you've bought your salt water taffy from Pier 39, walk over to the docks where the sea lions are. You'll hear them before you see them. Piled up in the dozens, you can easily spend an hour watching them fight for platform rights with each other.

The World's Curviest Street
Who cares if you have to wait in line to go down! Lombard is the curviest street in the world! Put your car in low gear and inch down with the rest of the traffic. The view from the top is what I consider the nicest in the city.

Coit Tower: Where's Tex?
Originally created as a dedication to the efforts of the city's firemen, this tower has become one of the most recognizable structures in the city. Kev went nutty over it because his hero, Tex Murphy, lived near here. I, on the other hand, had never heard of it.

View from the Twin Peaks
With our miniscule map, the Twin Peaks were hard to find, despite being the two largest mounds to portrude from a city of many protrusions. If it's a clear day, you'll get a great view of the city and the bay. If it's cloudy, the view will be not so good.

The Influence of Television
You know that you know this scene. You're right now trying to place why you know it so well... You may be ashamed to admit it, but it'll eventually come to you. It's the opening scene from the TV show Full House! This is where Mary Kate and Ashley broke into superstardom. Or was it Urkel?

The Golden Gate Bridge
I know that gate itself is not golden, and the bridge itself is not the most incredible I've ever seen. I'm still a fan of the Mackinac. But I am not one to mock the pride and joy of such a great city. As a tourist attraction, it's a must-do. As a photographic opportunity as the fog rolls in, it's excellent.

Thanks San Francisco, for a wonderful day! We'll be back tomorrow to see the most infamous part of the bay...


We've got mail...

it was great to see you guys!!! we'll have to do it again in australia (yeh right, like we will ever make it there) but a little wishfull thinking couldn't hurt.
i saw the tip of the day at avery's house, very cute :)
- Heather, New York NY

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