day 36
atlantic city

"You know, this town pretty much sums up everything that's wrong with America.
Or even humans in general." -a.
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Casino Themes:
Caesar's: Roman Empire
Showboat: Miss. Paddleboat
Taj Mahal: East Indian
Sands: Loosest Slots
Tropicana: Tropics

Claim to Fame: The plaque outside the Taj Mahal Casino dedicated to Donald Trump for his role as a great humanitarian. Presumably erected by Mr. Trump.

Irony of the Day
(Click photo to see irony)

Top 5 Upcoming AC Performances:
1. Kenny Rogers
2. Tony Bennett
3. Howie Mandel
4. Don McLean
5. Vietnamese 'Show'
It's Friendly's!
Kev's Snack:
Ultimate Caramel Fudge OREO Brownie Sundae:
A warm Oreo brownie, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel & whipped topping.
Cost: $4.29

Aim's Snack:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae:
Rich vanilla ice cream, peanut butter topping, hot fudge and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, whipped topping & sprinkles.
Cost: $3.79

Why the poor rating, Aimee?
Because the pb topping was 'grainy' and the girl put whipped cream on top when I asked for no whipped cream. I should have got the root beer float. Bleh.

Two Sides To Every Coin
Oct 1 - About a year ago, we had an unprecedented idea for a giant game of Monopoly. We were going to organize it, get sponsors to host it (and pay for it), and get the New York dot com industry to play it.

So we thought, wouldn't Atlantic City be a perfect place to hold the event? It's the city that the game was loosely based on, it's got all the street names, it's only two hours away from New York City, and also, dot com sales guys love to gamble, don't they? See? It's perfect! We went down to scope it out.

No go. Big fat not gonna happen. Why? Because what they don't tell you is that Atlantic City is a friggin' slum. That's why. (Oh yes, and because dot coms don't have employees anymore.)

Mediterranian Ave is an access road to the highway. Connecticut Ave is housing projects. Pacific is a string of pawn shops. I wouldn't fork out the $80 to buy Baltic, but I can see why the rent is only $4. Now we knew why people took bus packages to AC: the bus scoots them by all of the depressing bits and straight into the hotel, which you probably won't ever leave until the bus heads back. Even Boardwalk, the Property of Properties, is a burned out husk of an amusement park that's less hospitable than Coney Island in November.

But, what the hell. Here's how the game would have been played if Trump had spread the wealth a little bit and maybe made the whole town a little nicer...

Just like regular Monopoly, own as much as you can by the end of the game.

Various irreverant Internet companies from around NYC. Preferably those making money.

Each team should have four players: one from Business Development, one from Accounting, one from Sales and one Team Leader, possibly a CEO or Director.

An invitation is sent out to the company, along with the Monopoly piece they represent (i.e. the dog, the hat, the battleship) and the company must determine its uniform for the theme based on that gamepiece.

Assuming the game is being played on the Boardwalk, booths are set up with each of the properties available, including the railroads, utilities, taxes and Chances. There is one central area where the Team Leaders stay, while the other three members of the team go from booth to booth based on the roll of the dice. The mobile members have a cell phone to contact their team leader or other teams to make deals.

The Team Leader stays in the central location, while the rest of the team makes its way around the "board". BusDev should be thinking about the strategic locations to purchase and a plan of attack. Sales should be in charge of Negotiations: if they need one more Red property, they should get on the phone to the team that owns it. Accounting keeps track of the cash and what they can afford, business wise. The Team Leader has final word on decisions. Other than that, the rest of the Monopoly rules apply, except this: all teams playing roll at the same time. This way, two teams can arrive at a property simultaneously, and the bidding wars can start right away.

The game starts at 9am and ends at 5pm, like any other day. Or, until one team owns the works.

trump land...

Rent: $20
Kentucky owned by other player

Rent: $22
Just down the street from Water Works

Rent: $10
Advance token to St. Charles Place

Lot Available: $100!
Fits up to four houses (or one hotel)
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Atlantic City Baby! Wooohooo!

Next Stop: Delaware

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Today's Weather:
Miserable Drizzle

Daily Stats
Gas: $9.50
Attendant: Creepy
Teeth: Bad

Highest Highway: 896
Lowest Highway: 1

Properties: 22 (+util)
Seen: 15
Missed: 7 (+util)

Sleeping Quarters
Lums Pond State Park

Twenty bucks?! What is up with this? We tried to break into one of the little cozy cabins, but couldn't crack the code.

Cost: $20.00

Bass River
K's Order:Apple Jacks
A's Order:Lucky Charms
Salem Oak Diner
K's Order:Cajun Chicken Burger, Fries
A's Order:Franks n' Beans
Candied Sweets

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