day 4
bangor, for starters

"He wouldn't live across from 7-Eleven, would he?" -k.
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Steve's Place:
Address: 47 W. Broadway
Security Cameras: 2
Gate Chains: 1
Car: Jaguar
Colour: Silver

Claim to Fame: Writer of numerous award-winning made-for-TV screenplays such as The Stand, The Dark Half, and the blockbuster hit, Sleepwalkers.

Mailbox of the Day

An informative look into...
Canadian and American Maritime Accents

New Brunswick: The letter 'r', when preceded by an 'a', is pronounced very heavily, almost like the word "err". Words like Bar or Party would become "beRR" or "peRRty". The best way to immitate this sound is to position your mouth as above (you might want to practice with a popsicle stick in your mouth).

Maine: Almost opposite of the Canadian accent, the 'r' in this situation is almost nonexistent. 'Ar' instantly becomes 'Ah' directly across the border, and as you travel further south it slowly becomes 'Aw' (eg. Bah, Pahty, Chowdah). Practice as depicted.

The Remainder of Maine
Aug 30 - I can't say we did anything truly significant today, but the number of insignificant things, oh ho ho, you're in for a treat today, let me tell you.

8:13am: Awoke to the sound of really odd bird, possibly choking.
8:47am: Took down, packed up, drove off to Bangor!
8:48am: Left Acadia National Park.
8:55am: Spotted a junk shop, instantly made decision to collect a license plate from each state. The junk shop happened to focus in Mexican crafts and Hindu living room conversation pieces. If you're ever looking for a five-foot six-armed elephant, this is your place. Plus, it was closed. Onward, to Bangor!
9:03am: Saw the sign "Hearty Breakfast" outside a restaurant, and we were looking for Hearty. Then we noticed that it was (a) called the Bronze Lantern Restaurant and (b) there were no cars in the parking lot. Something didn't look right, so we continued on, to Bangor!
9:09am: Stopped at Ernies Sculptures for a license plate -- closed.
9:21am: Stopped at Super's Junkin' Shop (can't say I ever figured out the punctuation on that one), and finally bought a Maine license plate. Now it was smooth sailing, all the way to Bangor!
9:51am: Pulled in to Kid's Land & Mini-Golf because it looked cool on the way in. Closed. On closer inspection, it kind of sucked.
Mini Golf Results A K
1. Crack Smokin' Jockey 3 2
2. The Dreaded Windmill 5 4
3. The Lighthouse 5 4
4. Tunnels of Terror 2 2
5. Joliet Jake 2 2
6. Elwood Blues 2 2
7. Cheetahs Never Prosper 3 2
8. Schoolhouse Rocks 2 2
9. Water Damage 2 3
10. Petting Baby Horses 4 4
11. The Church of Latter-Day Saints 3 2
12. The Cigar Store Indian 3 2
13. I's the B'y 5 3
14. The Haunted Hills 3 2
15. The Outhouse 3 2
16. The Totem of Terror 2 2
17. The Gardens of Terror 2 3
18. The Pot-Bellied Stove of Terror 5 2
Total: 56 45
9:53am: Hit the Pitch n' Putt Mini Golf. Lured in by the giant replicas of the Blues Brothers, though they had nothing to do with any kind of theme for the course. He must have visited Super's Junkin' Shop, then plunked 18 different things down in front of the holes.
10:32am: Kevin gets a hole-in-one on the ball return, winning him a bucket of balls for the driving range and a free game of mini golf! Kevin discovers he has a wicked slice. Aimee discovers she may one day be able to hit a golf ball, but not today. Today, we're bound... for Bangor!
11:08am: Breakfast at the Purple Puffin Cafe, recommended by Pitch n' Putt owner. Giant pancakes, great coffee. Exactly what we need to get us... to Bangor!
12:20pm: L.L. Bean Factory Outlet, on a quest for a pocket vest. Didn't find it. Big sale on kayaks, though.
12:33pm: On the road to Bangor!
1:35pm: Arrived in Bangor! There's even an exit onto Broadway. Sweet.
1:48pm: Apparently Broadway and West Broadway are two different streets. Aimee stops in the 7-11 to ask how to get to West Broadway, and the cashier says in the most sarcastic tone imaginable: "Why? Ya lookin' for Stephen King's house?" to which Aimee replies sheepishly, "...yes." Got directions.
1:50pm: Lost again. Now beginning to recognize people we've driven past a few times. Aimee consults the map.
1:58pm: 47 W. Broadway: Stephen King's house! Snapped some photos, left a business card. Hope he's not too upset by my Tommyknockers comment on Day 2.
1:59pm - Bedtime: I really should end here. The rest of the day wasn't nearly as exciting.

a slow day for photos...

The front nine

The back nine

Everybody Loves Ice Cream

The Second Largest Rite Aid in the World
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Current Location
(get out your push pins)

Bangor, ME

Next Stop: Mt. Washington

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Today's Weather:
Just kidding, it's still SUNNY!

Daily Stats
Gas: $17.25
Mini Golf
Courses Passed:
Played at: 1
Toughest Hole: 10th
Free Games: 1

Sleeping Quarters
Moose Brook State Park

Site 15. It had showers and that's all we cared about.

Cost: $15.00

Purple Puffin
K's Order:Lumberjack's Breakfast:
2 Pancakes
Eggs over easy
Hash Browns
Apple Juice
A's Order:Oatmeal with Blueberries
Moose Brook S. P.
K's Order:Sweet Corn
A's Order:Sweet Corn
Wild Rice

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